Looking for suspects!


Somebody's playing tricks on me! I wonder who it is...

For example, today I opened a bag of pasta, and put the sealing strip on the table, right in front of me, while I poured out the pasta. Then I went to pick of the strip and it was gone - vanished completely. I checked the table, the floor, the pan... no sign of it. I'm currently compiling a suspect list... I'd say it was Gawtcha, but my Gawtcha's far too sweet for that... isn't she???


LOL...who knows. As Brian himself explains in his book "Good Faeries, Bad FAeries" all faeries have multiple sides to them, the bad have good sides, and the good have bad sides, and more often then not they are one in the same with each other. These are terms and conditions as well as technical definitions that us humans put on them, not how they would describe themselves (of course) LOL. In any case, I think it's great that your fae are playing with you so interactively. Mine do to, but I'm so used to it, sometimes I don't know it's them until they do something really significant. In any case, keep sharing, I enjoy hearing about all the fae!