Love life for sitters love interest.


Hi all,

I was doing a reading for a sitter. He asked how this girl's love life is at the moment.

And i pulled the 3 of wands/devil/queen of swords/the world.

My take on it is:
3 of wands: she is waiting for someone. I see the 3 of wands as a waiting card. I clarified it with the lovers.. meaby there is a love triangle. Or she is waiting for someone's decision? Because the lovers could represent choice.

The devil:she is stuck to this person she is waiting for? I clarified it with the 9 of cups.. Being addicted to this realtionship.

Queen of swords: cutting through the bullshit. Making harsh decision's. i clarified it with the 3 of cups. Meaby now she's done with waiting and want to be friends with this person.

The world: the relationship is ending. I clarified it with 4 of pentacles.

So i think that this girl is too hooked up to someone else to have attention for my sitter.

What do you guys think?