Ludy Lescot - Clues and Connections


So this is where we keep a note of Strange Connections or potential connections between cards. Here's a few of mine:

1. Magician and High Priestess. Both dancing, both lifting their arms...

2. Emperor and Empress. Leonine thrones - hers lioness still, his lions roaring. She has an owl, he has a bird of prey. She is inside, he is outside.

3. There's a wheel in IX, X and Xi. Odd. I also wondered about the lion in Strength and the cat in Hermit...

4. Fool and 6 of cups. Same weird child?????

I think some of the other characters are in several cards...I think...


The sequence of Lovers, Chariot and Strength intrigues me: She gets bitten by a vampire, she goes away disappointed and bleeding (roses), and then she becomes a vampire herself?


Some general findings (just in case they tie-in at some point):

The symbols on the box: an ankh (Life) and the japanese character for 'Death' (although technically part of the character is missing)

The Latin 'mottoes':

Omne quod ortum est mortalitas consequitur - tacitum vivit sub pectore vulnus - sunt ista

Everything that has a beginning also has an ending - a wound unuttered lives deep within the breast - such is the way of things

The notation for the courts on the cards is the same as the notation for chess games - the Page is represented by the symbol for the 'Bishop'.


I *suspect* that a theme of REVENGE (served hot or cold, now or later) runs through this deck...


I *suspect* that a theme of REVENGE (served hot or cold, now or later) runs through this deck...
You are probably on to something there.

I was recently watching the third season of "The Mentalist" and thinking about the revenge theme there. Revenge seems to be the modus operandi in that TV show and it runs all through the three seasons (and soon continues on the 4th).
So, what is it about revenge that is so intriguing? Does it fascinate us just because it´s un-christian and not "nice" and "good girls and boys" are not supposed to walk down that path? Or does it go deeper in some way to our deep need to see Justice and the Law of Maat fulfilled? (In which case it would be hubris and very dangerous to try to step in the shoes of those formidable Goddesses, wouldn´t it?)


Ric (from LS) has just pointed out that there are not only symbols on the card box - but words. You have to look REALLY carefully to see them and they are printed light mauve on black so even when you see them they are difficult to read. He has provided a link for us:

BUT when I try to access it I get an error message saying my particular browser will not let me open pdf files within it.

If anyone else can access the link I would love to know what all the words are. From what I HAVE managed to make out, around the ankh are 'Life' 'Hope' and 'Conscience' as well as their equivalents in other languages 'Leben' (life in German) Italian and French and on the Japanese symbol sides are 'Death' 'Conflict' 'Desperation' again in several languages - including 'coucher de soleil' ('sunset' in French) 'mort' ('death' in French) 'Ende' ('ending' in German)


Ric very kindly converted the pdf into a jpeg.

The words on the box are in 5 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French and German.
They are grouped around/near either the ankh or the Japanese 'death' character as appropriate.

The words are: Desperation : End : Sunset :Conflict : Death
Hope : Beginning : Dawn : Peace : Life


Thanks for that Elendil. It does seem very much that there's a cycle of life/death/rebirth going on. But it also suggests that before the death is a struggle of sorts. Or perhaps, as Ludy Lescot says, she has given advice to people and put them on the right course. She perhaps helps their transition from discord and death to peace and light.

Does anyone else think that Ludy is the Queen of Swords? I'm sure I've seen her elsewhere in the deck too but will check. She seems to be much younger than the other women and clothed. I should save all this for the thread about this card so I will!! :D


Yes, I've been looking at the Queen of Swords. At one point I wondered if she was dead, she looks so passive sitting there.

And yes, I think that she is elsewhere too...



Is the castle in the Moon the same one as in the Tower do you think?

I was working on the basis that the High Priestess card may depict a rusalka-type post suicide, and looking to see whether she might be in other cards (on the basis on no evidence whatsoever :D). The nearest I got was the Tower and the Moon (both with some misty looking water too) and then I noticed the castles.

Probably nothing but you never know.