Ludy Lescot - Eights


8 of Chalices

This came up for me very literally in a reading. There was a choice between two people, and it was the advice card, seeming to say, "Choose the one who is hesitant."


8 of Swords

Although this looks like the RWS image, as per the LWB the emphasis seems to be on not allowing others to denigrate you into feeling helpless or trapped.


8 of Wands

For me this card may have two main meanings. In the first she seems to be rushing, as her upper body seems to be ahead of her feet. In this case the meaning may be close to the traditional meaning, regarding speed and news. On the other hand, she can also be seen to be in a posture of worship which then ties in with the LWB and urges the querent to have faith.


8 of Pentacles

In life there are many opportunities to be idle or to squander the time. Procrastination is common in modern society. It seems from the LWB that the card advises the querent to forge ahead with their important duties and not fall into the same traps others do. Idle hands do the devil's work :)

Pam O

Rushing forward? Drawn forward? Floating forward? 8W

My very first post into this LL study group was into the "Clues & Correlations" thread when I noticed the correlation in the body position between the 8 of Wands and the Tower, as well as the Moon.

At that time, I saw her as being under the control of another force. After reading this thread, many of you saw her as rushing forward on her own power. The 2 angles present very different reading opportunities!

(I also attached comparison scans to that post.)

It just struck me that in both the 8 of Wands & the Tower, the woman is being drawn forward with her arms spread wide, hands extended behind her back. In both these cards, her stance is submissive to whatever power is pulling her forward. Her head position is showing she is not in control of whatever the power is that has taken her over and is manipulating her, almost as if she is a pawn in someone's game...

In the Moon, we can't really see if her feet are on the ground. Is she is floating forward, or is she walking? A variety of interpretations options can be read from this card. Her arms are hanging at her side. Is she a ghost, a vampire, a person?