Ludy Lescot Symbols: Skulls and Graveyards


Lots of skulls and graveyard scenes in this deck. I counted 8 cards that have skulls in them but it is possible there are more. Interestingly, as many as four are Majors. The cards that I found are: Strength, The Wheel, Hanged Man and The Devil. The four mMinors are: 8 and 10 of Wands, 7 of Chalices and Page of Pentacles.

Graveyards are the places of skulls. We have eight cards with a graveyard scene. (Three of them are sepulchres but I counted them as graveyard scenes.) There are three Majors: Hermit, Death and Temperance.

The Skull can be a frightening symbol at first glance but it is in fact an ancient symbol of the deepest spiritual enlightenment and the awareness of Memento Mori. The skull is important in ancestor worship as the site of the soul and it was always important in Alchemical practises.

It reminds us of our mortality and it was a symbol of melancholy for Shakespeare's contemporaries. Hamlet and all that..

The skull reminds us of our close connection with Mother Nature and its cycles and all the other animals that we are so closely related to..