Ludy Lescot - The Fours


Four of Chalices:
Her red hair matches the one is Strenght and in the Ace of Pentacles but her pose and gown remind me of the Justice. She is holding a letter in her hand and the first letter in that letter could be a D ("Dear.."). There are letters in several cards: The Death, 2 of Wands, 9 of Wands, 7 of Chalices and a scroll in 10 of Pents.
It looks like Autumn. She has lovely dangling moon earrings and the four Chalices in front of her bear the same symbols as in the previous card. Two are with Pentagrams and two seem to have some other magical symbol. None of the Chalices is being overlooked like in the traditional RWS card

Four of Wands: A lovely and dangerous looking seductress is inviting the viewer towards the four poster bed. A wind is blowing and there are dark purple storm clouds behind the bed.The Great Dane matches the black & white floor. There is danger and an air of change in the air.

Four of Swords: The traditional RWS meaning of a peaceful resting period has been turned into a card of mourning and sorrow.The woman is trying to stop the bleeding of the stone Knight. There are three swords on the floor and the Knight is holding the fourth. None of the swords look like it has been used to stab him. The beautiful stone angel of love (Eros) is being soaked in his blood.

Four of Pentacles: He is handsome, well dressed, sure of himself and obviously very wealthy. His is looking speculatively at us. Do we measure up? Are we worth his interest and investment?


I was looking at the Fours last night.

The way I saw the Four of Swords is that the woman has slit her wrists? or damaged them anyway and the blood is hers spilling over the knight, like a Romeo/Juliet situation where she can't bear to live without him.

I did wonder if the animal in the Four of Wands was a leopard, that woman is very creepy IMO.


4 of Pentacles

This was my card of the day yesterday and so I took a closer look at this card.

I looked at the horse in the beackground and noticed the reins are missing something. There´s just the mouthpiece and reins but there is nothing else, no headpiece (what is it called??) at all. Having reins like that on a horse wouldn´t work. They´d drop on to the ground..
So, one could say there is something missing from the picture. I wonder if that would work as one possible interpretation for this card.
I listed some possible interpretations in my notebook and this is what I have:

-Card of Earthy Power
-Blocking change or resistance to change
-Something missing from the picture
-Do you measure up? Are you worthy?

Anything else?


4 of Pentacles

Hi Hemera!

What I noticed about this card is all the animals.


Horses are a symbol of freedom - oftentimes without the proper restraints

The horse allowed people to explore and find freedom from the contraints of their own communities. This enabled them to travel and thus discover the multiplicity of life and all of it's powers. When we ride them, it raises us up above the mundane and renews our sense of power.

Horses were given powers of divination. More than one legend speaks of the clairvoyance of horses and their ability to recognize those involved in magic. They are symbols that can express the magical side of humans.

Represents movement and travel, or maybe it showed up to help you with movement.

When a horse shows up in your life, it may be time to examine aspects of travel and freedom within your life. Are you feeling constricted? Do you need to move on or allow others to move on? Is it time to assert your freedom and your power in new ways? Are you doing your part to assist ciilization within your own environment? Are others? Are you honoring what this civilization has given you?

Then there are the ravens, who are mystical animals connected to the other side and synchronicity, coincidence and events (but the man is not looking at any of them). They are messangers.

And what's up with the large treasure chest hidden in the grass by the horse??


4 of Cups

Hemera mentioned in the card combinations thread that the 4 of cups looks a lot like Justice. I've actually experienced this card as a shadowcard to a celtic cross, and the message that came across was one of looking at all possibilities of a situation. This was a weigh, measure, evaluate card to determine the best course of action. Yes, I have also experienced the apathy and stagnation that can come across with this card too, but in relation to her looking like the Justice card, this interpretation seemed to suit too.

If you look at the LWB "An empty chalice can be filled. A full one can only be emptied" it came off to me in this particular reading as "What do you want to pour your energy/emotions into, and what do you want to dump out/leave behind that serves no purpose anymore."



This is my card for today and the more I´m thinking about it the more I think the key word here is "Seduction".
I don´t mean the erotic although it can certainly be that,too. I´m thinking about weaving a story that draws other people in.
It´s about seducing an audience and inviting and drawing someone inside a story or a play. Playing a piece of music so seductively that the listeners forget all else. Watching a film with someone or admiring beautiful work of art in a museum? Being seduced by beauty and letting it draw you in.
This could possibly also hint to lying and cheating?


It took me a minute to get what you're saying Hemera. I pulled the 4/chalices out and what popped into my head was being 'drawn in'. Aha! Yes, now I can see 'Seduction', but then, would you say this 'theme' could run through all the fours??

4/chalices: Seduced by emotions or emotional responses - totally appropriate for stories & music

4/pentacles: Seduced by wealth, material possessions, being the 'master' like the man is to the horse

4/wands: Seduced by... well.... *seduced* })

4/swords: Secuded by misery.. ie. "Misery loves company" or the 'martyr' complex.. :(

They're ALL Drama Queens!!


Yes, they are all Drama Queens :)

What I sense most in the 4/Wands is the feeling she is trying to draw us into the picture and make us follow her. She is weaving a story and inviting us inside that story. (And I got that card on the morning of our concert and I thought, okay, we need to weave a story with our music and make everyone follow us inside that music.)

I think the other fours are different in this respect. They are looking away or directly challenging us like the 4/Pentacles. He doesn´t ask us to follow inside the picture. He looks more like he wants to step out of it. The other fours are more focusing on their inner/immediate worlds and not so much interested in weaving their magic around us. They don´t really care about us that much.


4 of Cups

This one was interesting, ... doesn't it look like everything is in it's rightful place??

She's not worried about what she's looking at. Both sets of cups are perfect pairs. On the flipside of this though, everything could be out of place! Perhaps they should have been arranged differently?

I say this because I noticed something at work last night that was out of place... it was odd so I began asking myself.. Is that suppose to be there? If not there, where should it go? Where did it come from? How did it get there?

WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DISORDER?!? :D (I should say, the card came up 'upside down' - not reversed, I don't read reversed.. heh)

So I guess confusion could come into play, and a little bit of OCD too perhaps? :angel: