Ludy Lescot - The Hierophant V

Pam O

The first thing that struck me was his eyes closed with the book held high.

Is he tapping into his intuition to get information?

I often muscle test when buying supplements, etc. I hold the item in question out in front of me, ask if this is what will help me, blow out my breath and lightly push down on the arm holding the item.
-If my arm goes down, that means to me that the item is not beneficial at this time.
-If my arm stays strong, then it is a strong yes.
-If my arm wavers, it has some benefit, but it might not be the best option.

So, one option was that he might be asking for intuitive information as to whether this book has wisdom for him, and what enlightenment would come to him.

I like the notion of the leminscate around the Sun and the Moon!
ETA: The mix of Pagan and other symbols, an other contrasts, is really interesting in this card.