Lys of the Shadows


I seriously need to start working more with the fairy cards again so I pulled a card this morning and got Lys of the Shadows. I'm doing the exercise in the book without looking up anything about her first. Ok here goes:
1.) The emotional atmosphere of the card seems peaceful and also inspiring.
2.) The cards physical manifestation means to me getting back to the basics and more spiritual life.
3.) I think the card is pretty clear and simple about what it is conveying.
4.) I believe this is a card of awareness.
5.) The thing I find most appealing about this card is the expression on her face. It looks like one of contentment. Also how she is holding 2 bubbles in each of her hands delicately symbolizing the gentleness with which the situation should be handled. Also I like the little stars of light around her head, I take that as her spirtual enlightenment. She is all aglow even in darkness and I like her long feathers.
6.) I guess the only thing unappealing about the card would be her going thru the darkness.
7.) I really think she is lighting the way for us all to travel to our own spiritual enlightment out of the darkness.
Now, I'm gonna read up and see if I was close. Ok, so I'm right about she looking for lonely souls to lead them out of the darkness and helps them out. She especially likes helping the most downtrodden people. I definately respect what she does. She is a healer and calls out for others to help her on this path.
I don't think I was too far off on her. I'm interested to hear what others have to say about her too.


Lys of the Shadows (44)

Thought I would post my own impressions before looking at Momof3girls to see if they were anything alike :) ... so here goes:

(1) The emotional feel of this card is uplifting. Like a breakthrough.

(2) The physical manifestation of this card would be coming up with the perfect solution to a problem just when you thought it was not possible. Another could be to make someone smile and brighten their day by just being you.

(3) The mental characteristics of the card are represented by the flow of light from the crown chakra and all of the little stars around her head. It is the purity of positive thought.

(4) The spiritual characteristics are expressed through her radiant chest area, the lights at the tips of her fingers, the gentleness of her flight. She is of pure heart and spirit that flows through her freely. There are compassion and healing energies in this card.

(5) I love the "swooshh" effect of light coming from her body as she flies through the air. There is a radiance to her in the darkness.

(6) I find nothing uncomfortable about this card.

(7) Other observations: I really identify with this card. She is what I strive to be. After reading the passage in the book I can now see perfectly why I love this card. All of my instincts about her are right! I hope to some day see her and meet her.

Momofthe3girls, I just read what you wrote and I believe you and I saw many of the same things just worded them differently. I also sensed her spirit as pure and healing. Lys is an inspiration. She helps us not give in to hoplessness ... to find the way in the dark. Guides us through the shadows if we will only trust her and follow.


I pulled Lys the other day as my daily fae and I found Lys to speak strongly to the gossamer memories of things cherished and since past. The wings like cobwebs of memroy, fleeting and shredding in due time.

Shadows, those things of no substance, memories of bygones. Linger too long and it mesmerizes you. (Almost like the 6 cups, if I had to draw a comparison).

Lys is elegant, lovely. Ethereal and fleeting, too soft to possibly hold (like bubbles) and not to be had.


Lys of the Shadows was my daily card today.

My first reaction to her was that she looked a bit like the Spirit dancer only more like an "other"

So here are my keywords, I more or less stopped using the format from the book but prefer instead to let my mind and fingers roam freely as I write about the Faeries.

Challenger/helper faerie.
Starry crown - Heart - Hands all lit up = Healer.
(moth, mottled wings, camoflagued, earthy, night creature)
Glowing and Sparkling in the dark.
Lys = Lysa = To Shine or To bring light in Swedish.
She is a light in the dark, a beacon, a guide.

Astral work! Dream work. A Hope-finder!
Dark night of the soul, sometimes we have to step off the safe path and enter the darkness. Lys is here to bring us safely back again.

Her relation to the Spirit Dancer again - listen to the body. Dancing out of the dark. You KNOW you can do it! Just feel it.


I pulled Lys today, and lord knows I needed her. I have been thinking lately of the impermanence of life- death is inevitable... sinking deeper and deeper in hopelessness- and then my faery bag twinkled at me, and told me to pull a card. And here was Lys, in the midst of my shadows, lifting my mood and lightening the darkness. She doesn't have patience for self pity, or dreading the future. She's saying, Lighten up, already! YOU are alive today, and nobody you know is dying, and death ain't half bad anyhow! So stop hating death and start loving life!
This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thanks Lys!


Lys talks about compassion and love mingled with wisdom (her heart and crown chakra catched my attention), which heals ourself and people who sorround us.
She doese not tell us what we should do, but nudges us gently into the right direction so we can find healing. She talks about beauty which lies in the dark and hidden, and sometimes we have to slow down, take a second look to see all the wonders just infront of us. Lys is all about listening, the art of true listening. She brings hope into the dark and with her understanding smile on her face, she lightens up a dark situation and lifts us up.
Like a moth (her wings) she is drawn to the light, and reminds us that we should focus on positive thoughts instead on negative ones.
She looks very sensitive (even fragile, but in a positive way), which remindet me to respect other peoples feelings/views and that in the end we all want to live a happy and loving life.


I see this fae as a male. He is moved by Spirit to dance, like the Spirit Dancer. His life work is to push light through darkness. His crown chakra is flaming white.
He is a night creature his mothlike wings and mottled nuetral colors help him iwth his work.
His hands are active, pushing assertive.