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First Quarter Moon in Cancer
"I feel"

“The first quarter moon phase symbolizes the power of reconstruction. After foundations are destroyed rethinking and reconstruction of a situation is brought to the forefront."

3 of Cups
Planetary ruler Mars
The image for the 3 of Cups is the three fates dying yarn in three iron cauldrons already dyed yarn hangs drying in a budding tree above their heads.These women represent the creative magic of woman in her three phases of life, Maiden, Mother and Crone.

The generations celebrate another turn of the wheel, as the wheel turns one generation comes up to replace the roles of the generation before, maid becomes mother, mother becomes crone and crone becomes maid again.

As spring's new growth immerges from the earth we see the earth renewed as another generation of plant life comes in to replace the plants that withered last autumn. It would seem as if this year the change of season has occurred literally over night.

This moon cycle is the month when eggs are dyed and hidden for children to find. There is great joy in watching eggs or wool change color in a dye bath, this is also the joy that comes with watching life mature and develop. It is the things we have hidden from ourselves that make life's mysteries so rich as these things unfold revealing themselves. This is the joy in the mystery of life the excitement of what will come next. The three fates remind us to expect good things.

Traditional tarot meaning: a happy occasion

In a Reading: This card expresses a joyous celebration of generations of traditions. A time for deep meaningful connections time is spent productively. This card also speaks of the turning of the wheel of time one generation taking the place of the one before, shifting roles as one matures and the pride felt during these milestones. This card represents sisterhood and the unspoken understanding that passes between women. Bonds of love between women.

Other Cancer Moon Card....

10 of Coins
new moon in Cancer(June 21-July 22)-inheritance

The coins in the 10 of Coins card also take the form found in the ancient Hebrew Kaballah a mystical tradition that has recently become popular in America. The images on my coins are Egyptian hieroglyphs I found in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Being a visual person I had a hard time associated the mystical names on the Kaballah's Tree of Life placements. However when I read the Chapter entitled The Doctrine of Eternal Life in the Book of the Dead the Kaballah's Tree of Life sprang into my mind and became understandable. I painted the hieroglyphs for each on the Tree. Considering how culturally/genetically close the Hebrews and the Egyptians were/are both nations fathered by the biblical Abraham, I felt making this leap was not too far fetched.

Think for a moment about what you have inherited form your family for positive or negative. What is it that your have inherited from your family? Did you inherit wealth, power or a bad reputation? Did you inherit your mother's hair, your grandfather's car, your hatred of brussel sprouts or your spiritual beliefs? We have a choice in some of what we accept as inheritance. Some things we may want to keep while others things we may decide to forego. What legacy would you like to leave for the generations that follow you?

In a Reading: This card represents some kind of inheritance or legacy. Alone it can represent a monetary bequest, an object or property that is inherited. It can also represent family genetics that are passed on from one generation to the next, physical traits for positive or negative. The type of legacy can be suggested by neighboring cards.

Traditional tarot meaning: inheritance


full moon in Cancer (Dec.21-Jan.19)

Queen of Wands

The image for the Queen of Wands is the spinner. This queen is a woman who can make something from almost nothing. She is the mother magician her wand is the distaff. She has gathered the fibers from the fur of animals she raises and is spinning it into the thread that can be woven into the many things she needs to keep her children safe and warm. As early as 10,000 years ago woman learned that fibers spun in a continuous thread is useful. The spindle was created to hold the thread.

Traditional tarot meaning: a woman with blond hair and blue eyes, also the zodiac sign Leo.

In a Reading: This card represents a person who seems to be able to create beauty from very little resources. Most people would look at this person and think she has nothing to work with and yet she does not see things this way. She is able to see potential in the very fibers of the earth. She is a magician of sorts pulling the extraordinary out of ‚"thin air‚"


last quarter moon in Cancer (Sept. 22-Oct. 22)

4 of Swords

Tells the story of "The Ice Man"the 5,300-year-old 'iceman' found in 1991 on the Hauslabjoch pass.

Consider for a moment what you would want the future to know about you. If you keep a diary someday your diary could keep you. Unless you preserve a clear message for the future how will your descendants remember you? What do you want then to remember about your life? About who you are, about your traditions, foods, clothes, likes and dislikes? How curious will the future be about your day-to-day life? How much do you treasure the stories passed down in your family.

In a Reading: For me this card represents our connection with the past. This card invokes the use of archeological evidence, forensic sciences, as well as cultural histories, to open new doorways to our ancestral past in an effort to learn more about ourselves.

Traditional tarot meaning: rest, or taking a rest, although sometimes defined as a monument to a war hero or monuments in general.


Full Moon Cycle of Cancer (Dec.21-Jan.19)

The Magician


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The yarn colors are bright. It gives a little warmth and joy to the card. The three woman are looking at the cauldron as if there something magical going in. They even stop what they are doing to look. So, even if there is something we could explain, looking at it can bring delight.

6 Haunted Days

Love love :love: this card. Every time I look at it I cannot help seeing the 3 fates/spinners. Past, present and future all intermingling together, a celebration of what each has to offer, the immense creativity and insight that can come about from listening and honoring that.

I keep thinking "The colours of your soul" and the almost forgotten art of divination with coloured ribbons or yarn.


Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: 3 of Cups/41

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: I love the Norns and this portrayal of them, in conjunction with the idea of the 3 of cups, is fantastic!

Card Description: 3 women in robes (black, white and red) stand and tend three cauldrons as they work on dying yarn. The already completed yarn hangs from a tree in various colors of the rainbow.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: feminine

Senses: You smell the burning wood of the fire and the steam misting from the cauldrons warms your face. You laugh and chatter happily with the women around you.

Symbols: rainbow colors, robes of black/white/red, Norns, cauldrons, yarn

Story (intuitive): And the story of love moves on... The wedding day has passed and behold! The new gift! A babe is born on a cool autumn day, the pains of labor rewarded in the lusty cry. Coming home, there they sit- the family. And as four generations celebrate together, there is a moment of perfect love and contentment that washes over us all. A new child, a new life, the one to carry on the name of the family, the one to pass on the mysteries and traditions. The joy is so immense, the sense of family so complete, that for now all that can be felt is this joyous celebration of life and love!

Astrologic: Week of the first quarter moon in Cancer. Planetary ruler: Mars.

Element: water

Keywords: a happy occasion, a joyous celebration

Meanings: celebration of generations of tradition, sisterhood

Quote: "Today the celebration of life has begun."


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