Maat study group: Prince of Cups


Card/Number: Prince of Cups/39

Card Image: I could not find a photo online for this card, but the description is pretty straightforward and there is not a lot more than that in the card image.

First Impression: A knight in shining armor, the girlhood dream, how appropriate!

Card Description: A knight in shining silver armor sits on a white horse, a cup in his left hand and a shield in his right. His helmet trails ribbons that are colored like the rainbow, the blanket on his horse has similar colors running through it.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: masculine

Senses: You tingle with excitement as you hear the horse approaching. The girls sigh, the crowd wanders through and the sun glinting off the armor blinds you as it shines in your eyes.

Symbols: rainbow ribbons, prince, armor, cup and horse.

Story (intuitive): I sigh as I remember. Oh yes, this prince, he was the object of my girlhood dreams. I waited for years, waited for him to come and whisk me away, fighting for my honor and rescuing me from the doldrums of reality. But now, I am a woman. And as I have grown in life and love, so this prince is no longer the one I need. I skip ahead, looking for the king. I look into his eyes, and he smiles. "Not yet," he says, "I wait for you at the end of the journey of love and cups. There you will know what love truly is, there you will know what you need, and that is where you will find me.". I smile. Oh yes, I have been through this suit many times. But it appears that I need to go through it once more, at least symbolically, to forge my path, to solidify those lessons and to jump into the arms of the man who has replaced a girlhood dream, forged by the fantasy and desire of a woman.

Astrologic: week of the vernal equinox

Element: water

Keywords: girlhood hero, grail prince

Meanings: traditionally a young man with brown hair and the zodiac sign of Pisces. A kind hearted young man who wants to do right, but somehow ends up getting into trouble. Dreamy, sensitive and moody.

Quote: "Someday my prince will come."


Oh! Yeah! The prince in shining armor! The rescuer of damsel in distress. The cute guy girl dream on. The perfect, romantic, masculine, lover guy that we want. I don't know but this card makes me think of the old spice ad with the cute guy. He was saying guibberish but I could bring down the moon for a guy like that!