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MAAT Card of the Week
Full Moon in Virgo
"I analyze"

The Princess of Wands
Planetary Ruler Neptune

The image for the Princess of Wands is a pre-contact Native American girl who stands unabashedly naked next to a dormant oak tree. She is a metaphor for the Virgin Earth of late winter, a time when the snow begins to melt yet it is still too early for any real plant growth.
She represents a person, place or thing that is full of potential which is as of yet a hidden or untouched, resource. Within that potential resides hope, endless possibilities and dreams still fully intact, unrealized. The future seems endless and yet there is awareness of the future and getting ready for something important. She is also symbolic of the mystery and importance of the feminine. She is the unleashed hidden talents and dreams that connect with greater realities, the sleeping seeds in the ground waiting to be stimulated by the Sun's warmth. She is all dormant power. She is like a knock at the door and the anticipation and musing that occurs just before the door is opened.

The Virgo moons seem to be able to get us to look at basic issues. To bring us back to singular moments just before everything shifts, before we lost our innocence. I received this card during a Samhain ritual last fall and realized I had been given back my "voice". I was brought back to the moment when I had stopped singing with others in public. The moment when I was about eight years old at morning mass with other classmates, there was a girl near me who was trying to out sing me. I noticed myself trying to sing louder to hear my own voice and also so I couldn't hear her. As I sang louder she would sing louder to drown me out again. My inner voice said "This is not praying" and it was at that moment that I decided I would never sing in church again and I didn't. I would sing when I was alone or with my babies but never with other people.

That moment had changed me forever until this year while blind folded at a Samhain ritual I sang out loud with the others for the first time in 40 years, it was difficult at first and then it was fine it felt good. Later I was given this card and at first I didn't get it. The suddenly I looked into her face and saw my own angry little face. The one who had decided based on one incident that I do not sing in public. What a stubborn little Scorpio child!

Traditional tarot meaning: a blond child, and the element fire

In a Reading: This card represents the discovery of hidden talents. It also signifies the joy of trying something new without the ego's fear of failure. This is a powerful card for sticking to your own plans and doing something you have always wanted to do without any guilt holding you back from unbridled selfish fun. When seeking information about timing this card would represent the beginning or just before.

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first quarter moon in Virgo (May 19-June 20)

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last quarter moon in Virgo (Nov. 22-Dec.20)

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The High Priestess

Full Moon Cycle of Virgo

(Feb. 21-March 20)

The earth of late winter lies sleeping and dreaming waiting for a warm kiss from the sun. which will awaken her potential.

This year the shadow of the Earth falls on the full Virgo moon and she is eclipsed. This means the Earth will align perfectly between the Sun and the Moon causing the Earth to cast a shadow on the Moon. For some people this means things will flow just right for a change for others it is "fruit basket upset".

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She look determined and to know what she want. Her arms are crossed. By that gesture, she protect herself in a way, she don't open for négociation and it is a closing. It is what it mean to me anyway. But sometimes, we have to stand up for something dear to us.


Maat tarot IDS

Card/Number: Princess of Wands/35

Card Image: see attached

First Impression: Oh, she is lovely! Such fierce will, a fighter.

Card Description: A young and naked girl stands outside in a field, beside a tree. She looks at you unabashedly, with her arms crossed, staring forward intently.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: feminine

Senses: the air is cool, the grass tickling at your feet and legs, the sound of the tree and field whispers as it shifts in the wind

Symbols: tree, field, nakedness

Story (intuitive): Oh, how she reminds me of how I used to be at her age. I smile warmly at the defiant face. "You do not have to fight me child." I tell her, "I am happy to see you running wild and free.". And, at that, her angry visage melts away into a beautiful smile. She quickly scampers off to play, laughing as she makes her way down the field. "But fight like hell," I whisper, "against anyone that tries to stand in your way, or stop you.". She stops, and turns to me- her voice carrying on the wind, "I will.". I smile- oh yes, indeed you will.

Astrologic: week of the full moon in Virgo. Planetary ruler: Neptune

Element: air and fire

Keywords: discovery of a hidden talent, unbridled fun and passion

Meanings: traditionally refers to a blond child or the element of fire, sticking to your own plans

Quote: "I will live free."


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