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I'm bumping this thread because I got three of Julie's new publications for the Maat Tarot for Yule and I am really enjoying immersing myself more deeply into this wonderful deck!

I agree with the posts so far on this card. I also wonder if it is another indicator of the manifesting from the spiritual to the physical that the woman holds a newborn in her hands, and yet is also visibly pregnant? Is this a symbol of the continuity of the cycle of life?

I also wonder about the herb - which herb is it - it's rather odd looking - and what might it's significance add to the card once we identify it?



Maat tarot IDS

The Magician/19
The Devil/20
The Prince of Wands/21

Card Image: attached (cannot find an online picture for the Prince of Wands)

First Impression: there is a distinct impression that I received letting me know that these 3 cards are joined, and that you cannot have the full meaning of any without seeing all three in the continuum that they embody. A meaning that is lost somehow in the individual card, but clarified in their unity, the Magician being the culmination of the three. So this post will contain the remarks on all three cards, and I will post the link to it in the threads for the other two.

Card Description:
The Magician: we see a beautiful dark-haired woman with pendulous breasts, full of milk, belly still swollen from her recent pregnancy, holding and tenderly kissing her newborn babe, the background a pure and lovely white.

The Devil: Here we see the same woman, in the throes of labor, no longer part of this reality as every focus and breath is on her labor. She crouches in the dark blue of the night, her hand below her to catch the crowning babe, which glows with the light of the dawn.

The Prince of Wands: Here we see the born babe, hidden by a bassinet with one small hand raised high towards the heavens. The sun is shining in a beautifully blue and white puffy cloud sky. The long night is over, the prince of dawn is born.

Masculine/Feminine/Neutral: the equal mix of masculine and feminine

Colors: white, dark blue, light blue, gold

Senses: You feel the contractions as they wrack your body, stealing your breath with their intensity. So fast, no rest, this has gone on for so long. You are exhausted, yet in a small eclipse of time, something snaps- and suddenly the tiredness fades and is replaced by a steely determination. You are no longer in this plane as breath, force and contraction all expand and relax as one. You feel the pressure build, you are liberated as you push, the breath becoming a war cry that mingles with the cry of the babe that is now born. You smell the blood and afterbirth, and taste your own sweat and exhaustion. It is done! As you kiss his head, you smell the warmth and feel the softness of his skin. It is done! The sun rises, the warmth taking away that chill in your bones. You feel as he suckles against the breast, your womb lightly contracting to expel the end blood that remains. The long night is over, he is born, it is done!

Story (intuitive): I look to my Mother, "The story is now in your head and heart my daughter, write it down so that you may share it with others.". And so I shall....

Who is the Magician? You see the anlemma on the card of the Magician- do you recognize it? Of course, it is the same anlemma that was pictured in Strength. And so you are given the hint- look further than just this card, just this image, for here again you see a sum that is greater than the parts. This story is only known by asking the correct question, only then will you find the true answer. Are you ready to ask? Then ask! Who is the Magician?

Is it the woman? You see the Devil- oh so reviled, oh so feared, oh Great Goddess named Woman, to be able to bring life into being! Are YOU the Magician? Is it the son/babe? You see the Prince, lying so sweetly- the dawning of the light after the long, long night- the hope of all, the true redeemer, the giver of hope! Are YOU the Magician?

Then the answer floats softly through the wind, one that they both recognize in their wisdom. No- we are not the Magician alone. It is only as one that the Magician comes forth- masculine and feminine, day and night, two parts of a whole, the anlemma, the sum of all parts! Glory in both of these, fear neither. Live your part, love the other, become both, become one, become the Magician!

Magician: week of the full moon cycle in Cancer, planetary ruler: Saturn
Devil: winter solstice/Yule
Prince: winter solstice- dawn

Element: all in one, ether

Magician: omnipotent, omnipresent
Devil: opposites bound together
Prince: dawning of the new

Meaning: the mystery of birth, the dark and light, the joining of both as one

Quote: "I AM!"


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Once again this is brilliant and innovative. They were always together in my mind yet I kept them as individuals. Love your creativity!