Magical Forest - 10 of Pentacles


from lwb: success and wealth

The one fox with the red robe, who I would assume is the head of the family
and the male is facing toward the house, away from the Mom and child.
He appears to be looking over his house, land, etc. The child is playing
with a red squirrel (it looks like one anyway!) while the mom looks at the
dad. This card does have to do with success and wealth but it also
is showing that you need to focus on the family too, not just the material
things. They almost appear to be shut out from him. Maybe I'm reading
too much into the position of the foxes. I just don't get the feeling
of success and wealth from this, I feel there is success and wealth but only
with material things.

What does anyone else think?


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Magical Forest- Ten of Pentacles

I had that thought at looking at this card too! It just stuck with me where the foxes were standing, and I was thinking that maybe it's trying to say "pay attention to your priorities" That having your family with you and happy is just as tangible and satisfying as the things you own. I also see this family as self supporting and not in need for anything. A happy conclusion to hard work and diligence.


To me, this card has an odd voyeuristic feel. We're looking at the foxes through a window, as if we're spying on them or we're being asked to look at their situation from another point of view.

Squirrels are probably best known for their food storing behaviour, so perhaps this suggests the need to think ahead, be prudent and careful with one's possessions.


This card come up for me recently in the fears/guidance position on a question to do with job security and I interpreted as a card about family life, and taking care of them materially. (I agree that this card is about material success, with a reminder not to shut out those close to you.)

I am glad that its a cute little red squirrel in this card, and not one of the nasty grey ones.