Magical Forest - 4 of Pentacles


lwb: stability has been reached and your objective partially accomplished

The fox has his coins and is sitting down so is the job done or nearly finished?
That's what the lwb says this means. I get a different feeling from this that
he's holding his money close to him like he's selfish or greedy or trying to
protect it. There's a huge house behind him, is that because he's rich?
Is that his house? Plus, is that a church in the background? It looks like
it to me. The ground is all gold too implying rich land. He has a crown
on so is that his palace?


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Magical Forest- Four of Pentacles

I see this little fox as miserly and somewhat of a wet blanket. I feel he speaks of being tight with his resources and maybe time or efforts, he seems to be a very crabby selfish type. I drew this card yesterday and boy, did I get an education on just what it could mean....My kids ( 7 and 8) are going back to school soon and being a single parent with a limited budget, I asked their father for assistance with the necessities needed for the first day. Well, I got a "maybe" simply because he worries about his plasma television payment as well as his weekly theater outing. Needless to say I think I can associate what this card means to me in very real terms!


While this card still can have a selfish, miserly side to it, I feel like it is a more positive depiction of the 4 of pentacles than in many other decks. The colors in the card are more warm and bright; and I don't get an altogether negative feeling from it.

I see this fox as proud of what he has accomplished (fiscally, physically, etc.), finally attaining balance, stability, and a certain amount of prestige and power after time and work invested.

On the other hand, I could also see this being the son of a rich hardworking fox, who lives in luxury, and doesn't know the ways of the outside world, as his is full of bounty. The fox could be seen as spoiled and naive, but mostly out of lack of exposure to the harsher experiences of life.


I also feel like this is a different take on the Four of Pentacles. It could refer to someone who holds onto their finances and doesn't want to share, however I also see a fox who is holding on to past experiences.

I think that the Fours in this deck are all focused on reflection, and this fox looks as though he is very scared of letting go of his former achievements. He might be out of his element and is clinging to what he knows, or he might be trying to relive some of his memories. It almost looks like he's eating one of his coins in an attempt to keep it forever!

Even though moving on might seem hard for him, he needs to make that change. If he doesn't ground himself in the present he could miss out on forming new connections, investing in new projects, and celebrating more successes.