Magical Forest - 5 of Swords


from lwb: being cautious, diffident or jealous

I have never heard the word diffident so I looked it up. It means lacking
confidence in one's own ability, worth, or fitness; timid; shy. This makes
sense with this card because the cat is not facing the situation, he is not
doing anything but standing there. He's not engaging in any argument or
even conversation. This card can also mean walking away from a person
or situation. He's holding 3 of the 5 swords in one hand and the other 2
are on the ground. The landscape is near the water again so maybe he needs
to be cautious until he has more clarity about the situation. He needs
to learn to listen to his inner voice.


Magical Forest- Five of Swords

The little cat seems to be walking away from the other figures in the distance with the spoils of victory. I see this as using underhanded or unfair means to win at something and we need to stop and think that if we feel we need to resort to bullying or trickery to get what we want, it might just be a waste of time and be no more than mean spiritedness.


The cat has his back turned his on the other two - did they drop their swords and flee? He doesn't look too happy about it so I don't think he chased them away, so maybe they ran from something else. Now he has to face it alone and that's why he's upset. "Hey you two, come back and fight" he seems to be saying.
This is the time to do things yourself, dont rely on others and dont get cheated or tricked.


Even though this cat appears the victor.. is he really? Perhaps his cautiousness and lack of confidence led him to over compensate in order to look good in front of others (since in his heart, he is jealous of those with greater abilities). He used three swords against the two swords his competitors wielded. The result is that he was able to beat out what he decided were competitors, but at what price? He may have won this battle, but he seems a fairly lonely and unsatisfied winner. Was the pain he inflicted on others to assert himself worth it? Could he have missed an opportunity to forge friendships and alliances, instead of alienating others?

This could also represent a battle of words: Arguing for the sake of winning and showing dominance over others. The quick witted cat may win out, but at the end of the day he will be curling up in bed cold and alone if he doesn't learn to tap into the compassionate and emotional side of life, symbolized by the water right behind him.