Magical Forest - Knight of Swords


from lwb: enterprising and intelligent action

The knight is racing forward and appears to be heading toward
the edge of a cliff. The knight looks young, the horse also looks
like more of a pony than a steed. He seems to be leaping
instead of running. Maybe this has to do with don't leap to
conclusions, think things through, intelligent actions.
Try to think of another way to handle things.
He is racing forward and that isn't a way to make decisions.

The ground is a cold color and the tree in the back has no
leaves on it. It gives a feeling of fall or winter. Not very
warm or friendly. The metal helmet on the knight is another
cold element. Then there's the white horse. All in all, this card
does not give me a positive feeling. Rushing to make decisions,
not thinking of other's when making your decisions.
The 'look before you leap' phrase comes to mind with this card.

Also, a young man who has a sharp tongue. Someone who can
cause some trouble with words.


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Magical Forest- Knight of Swords

I definately see an individual who is of quick wit and clever thought, someone who intsantly cuts to the chase. I do notice the cliff he's headed towards and think, this card tells me to look BEFORE I leap and never jump to conclusions because I might not find solid ground when I land!


This is a card of action - its not time to mince words. Put your ideas into action without hesitation. This knight is charging into battle against a strong headwind. In temrs of temperament I would say this knight is a fieldmarshal: "Fieldmarshals have a strong desire to give structure and direction to groups of people. They are more directive in their social exchanges than they are informative. For Fieldmarshals, there must be a goal-directed reason for executing any plan. People’s emotions are generally considered secondary to raw data in any decision-making process."
mmm.. at first I didn't notice the cliff edge!


I don't see a cliff as much as uneven terrain. The knight looks to be racing into the wind as a storm approaches. Doesn't the good guy always ride the white horse? Maybe he is racing to save the day (cue Mighty Mouse music) no matter the risk to himself (the storm, the uneven terrain). Heroes act on instinct, and don't often consider the danger to themselves. They act because they believe it is the right thing to do.
Whether you want or need to be "saved" is not the hero's concern, he'll leave the clean up for someone else. He might be rescuing you from ignorance, or he might see you as threatening the peace of the realm.


Using his superb intellect, this knight has put together a plan to "save the day". This plan, combined with his firey knight energy, youth, and determination as he charges into the storm makes him the one to deal with the crisis at hand (at least he thinks so!). This knight is a capable idealist, in the right place at the right time to take action. He is doing what he believes is right without concern for the risk or possible consequences afterwards. For better or worse, he is the "knight in shining armor" of the deck.