Magical Forest - Page of Wands


lwb: understand the limits before the infinite

The frog is holding a wand and appears to be kneeling.
He is a young frog, he wants to be older, more powerful.
He is bringing a message.

He's in the dark shadow from the sun, the ground around him
is darker so I would think he's bringing something not so positive
with him either as a message or himself. Maybe he's a bit of
a troublemaker.


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Magical Forest- Page of Wands

Looking at this page as representing a person, I see a younger person maybe with a fiery temper or petulant attitude. All children seem to push and test their limits but this little guy seems to me a bit more stubborn and trying than the rest. It is a darker colored card so maybe whatever news this frog brings is on the active side, things happening quickly and maybe a little stressful in nature.


Magical Forest- Page of Wands

He is so tiny and the Wand is so big ! He definitely has ambitions. In the desert at this time of the day, on his own, with no mum and dad around, one could think he's a bit uncounscious. And yet he's prepared to face whatever comes to him. Here is a very refreshing young frog, ready to jump in the unknown, full of dreams and confidence