Magical Forest - Queen of Pentacles


from lwb: feel responsibility.

The queen of pentacles is sitting on a red padded chair in a dark purple
robe with fluffy trim. She is leaning over a pentacle, almost as if she
is lening forward to give it to someone. The Queen is known for being generous
and kind. She is someone who has money but doesn't flaunt it. She gives
to charity but is also careful with her money. She shares but doesn't give it
all away. She makes sure her family has what it needs too.
The white flowers in the front are a sign of spring, things growing, blooming.
The leaves are parted almost as if we are peaking out from the flowers at
her. I would associate this card with someone generous and kind, giving


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Magical Forest- Queen of Pentacles

I too see her as kind generous, and an individual with both feet firmly on the ground. Usually for me, when she comes up in a spread, her message to me is that of needing to take a more sensible, understanding position with that given issue. I have a tendancy to jump to conclusions and often she reminds me there is a more gentle way to handle the issue at hand.


I agree with the above characteristics noted, however in addition I see the queen weighed down by the pentacle she is holding. She seems a bit bent over and tired from holding the heavy item, just as the responsibility of watching over and protecting her family, keeping people together, healthy, and happy can be a heavy burden to bear at times. She does so out of love, but that doesn't mean it's not difficult to maintain for long periods of time. Sometimes she needs a break too, but she waits until everyone else is taken care of to do so.