Magical Forest - The Sun


from lwb:
XIX - The Sun
In the big field of dandelions, the Little Marsupial happily waves his flag and lets his mother bring him amidst the brightly-colored flowers: “Everyone! Look and see how happy I am! Let's play together! "

This is such a cute card, bright and sunny and happy. Shows what
is right with the world. Things are going well and along a good path.
Choices being made are the right choices and things are moving forward.
The pretty sunflowers reflect the shape of the sun reinforcing that this
is a happy card, lots of sunlight and warmth. Very cute! I love the baby
kangaroo, a Joey, in the mother's pouch holding the little flag!


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Magical Forest- the Sun

The little joey seems to be saying "Look at me, I'm having the time of my life!" waving his little red flag. The red gives me the feeling that not only are things sunny and bright, there is courage in there too. I know when I have a really good day and all is right with the world, I have a lot more courage or confidence in myself and my abilities. It feels like I can do anything.


The sun already appeared in The Fool, The Lovers, and Temperance and these were all positive cards for me. That positivity climaxes in the card of the sun. The suns rays, and the sunflowers are so warm and inviting, the little kangaroo looks o happy and safe in its mothers pouch. The bright red flag its waving is in total contrast to the blag flag of death. The wall in the corner seems to be a protective device, keeping those on the inside safe and sound (like the joey in its pouch). I quite like it that the most enlightened card in the deck shows a childlike sense of playfullness and fun.


It's interesting to me that unlike RWS where the child is on the opposite side of the wall from the sunflowers, in this deck we find a break in the wall (or the wall has been broken down?); and the child and mother are free to play amongst the flowers and bathe in the happy light of the sun!

Anyone have any thoughts as to what the deck creator had in mind with this clear departure from standard RWS symbolism?