Major Arcana Alternatives


I'm looking to create my own tarot deck, and while most of the major arcana names are just fine this deck wouldn't have the overtones that might make names like: The High Priest and The Devil appropriate. I'd like to keep the integrity of what each card represents, but tweak it to fit the overall style of the deck (elemental, fairy, fantasy, multicultural)

I'd love some feedback or alternatives for major arcana names, here is my list so far:

The Fool- The Trickster, Choice, The Wanderer, The Jester
The Magician- The Shaman, The Juggler, Magus
The High Priestess- The Seer, The Medicine Woman, The Green Woman
The Empress- The Mother
The Emperor- The Father
The Hierophant- The Medicine Man, The Green Man
The Lovers-
The Chariot- Victory, The Archer, The Centurion
Strength- Fortitude, Courage
The Hermit- The Hooded One, The Monk, The Sage, The Crone
The Wheel of Fortune- The Fates, Luck, Chance
Justice- The Scales, Virtue
The Hanged Man- The Traitor
Death- Rebirth, The Journey, Transformation
Temperance- Balance, Integration
The Devil- The Shadow, Chains, Vice, Torment
The Tower-
The Star-
The Moon-
The Sun-
Judgment- Discernment, Prudence, Wisdom, Virtue
The World- The World Tree, Completion, The Universe

In a perfect world, I'd like to have a new name for each of the major arcana, but I'm fine if ones like: Lovers, The Sun, The Moon, The Star, and The Tower remain unchanged.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


like renaming idea!:)) you can check other decks that do same for inspiration!:))
you can go with
harmony or choices or soulmates for lovers
Tower can be illumination?:)
Star hope or goal or guidance
Moon illusion or subconscious
Sun Happiness or fulfillment

good luck with your project!:))


Temperance is also Art, The Tower - The House of God, and The Hermit is also Time. :)

Eric in NJ

Don't know if you're interested in this but in the actual game of Tarot (card game) the Fool is called The Excuse. Namaste.



Etteilla replaced "The Hanged Man" with "Prudence"


One of my favourites is from my first deck, The Witches Tarot, in which the Hermit is named the Seeker. I've always related better to that title.