March Faery Focus: Tell Me A Story


When we were posting about ideas for the study group, one of the ideas that came up was picking a faery card and telling a story related to I was getting ready to post this I about we pick a faery card and ask the faery to tell us a story and then we will post about it here in this thread....the story we heard.

You can use either the Faeries Oracle or the new Heart of Faery....and you can select the faery you wish to have tell you a story or you can do a random drawing....Since it is a month long thread....please feel free to do more than one.....This should be an interesting way of hearing more about Faery.


Love this idea! I should beable to do this in the next day or so! Great idea DragonFae!

We did this in one of our tarot meetups with tarot...obviously. LOL But what was interesting was how the stories reflected what was going on with the person telling it. It revealed far more about the person telling it than we all realized until it was over. So it'll be fun to see how this works with the fae too! I'll bet it will be exactly the same if not more so with the fae with us during the story! :p


It was faerylvr's idea....when we were brainstorming....I'm just getting the thread started...and YES I think it will be most interesting...:)


The Beauty of a Soul

The Crone was telling me this story......

In the times of old when the earth ws young and the veil between faery and humans was so thin as to be almost nonexistent, the faeries liked to play a game. In this game they would dart quickly between the two worlds...back and forth, back and forth...and sometimes the humans would catch just a glimpse of them. Sometimes they looked merely like a fluttering leaf, or a spark of light....or even a bit of dust blowing in the breeze.

One day a faery that twinkled about as fast as any faery could....slipped quietly into the human world and snuggled into the petals of a flower to rest because afterall....all that darting back and forth can be quite exhausting. While lingering there she could hear the far away sound of singing....and being not only tired but curious....she set out to find the source of the singing....

She was enchanted by the lovely human she found....sitting on a blanket beneath the large gnarled trees. So enchanted was she that she forgot to hide and the lady caught a quick peek of the wee faery..she gasped and called out...."who goes there" to which the little faery chirped...."it is but a butterfly"....and the woman laughed and said....."it is but a sweet faery venturing out of the woods to take a peek at an old ancient woman..." To which the faery replied laughing...."and so it is" before darting quickly through the dim light of the woods and beyond the veil into Faery.

For the human that the faery found so enchanting was not some young and lovely maiden but an old woman with wrinkled face, graying hair, and gnarled hands....Time means little to the Fae....and age is cherished....for in the wrinkled faces of the beauty....and in the lines of the woman's face the faery caught a glimpse of the beauty of a soul.


DragonFae said:
It was faerylvr's idea....when we were brainstorming....I'm just getting the thread started...and YES I think it will be most interesting...:)

Gee is going to be fun...


Oh, I would love to participate!

My Heart of Faerie arrived yesterday and I was so taken by them that I rushed off to Amazon to order The Faeries' Oracle as well. This will be an excellent way to listen to the fae.

*I'll be back* :D