Margarete Petersen : Four of Flames - cosmic nuptials


A center image surrounded by finely wrought, perhaps ancient, gold leaf. What I see (before reading MP's text) is the sun setting (rising?) on the horizon, mirrored in several layers of ocean waves? rolling hills freshly washed by rain? moulten rock? One might almost say there is a reversal of perception, the colors of fire one might expect in the sky at sunset, flow over the hills/waves instead -- the sun has cast a veil of gold over the world, it is as though, for a suspended moment, we have heaven on earth. Vier der Flammen
  • Translation
    The fire of creation. The purple unformed fire from within the earth, and the heavenly fire from the sun move eachother. The fire of the body and the spirit work together, free and strengthen eachother. Polar opposite strengths, which array themselves on golden waves of light.

I guessed I missed the essense, in my description. It is indeed about moulten rock. :D. The marriage of earth and sky.

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Yesterday I drew the 3 of Flames and today I drew the 4 of flames. Coincidence? I think not.

When I gazed upon the 3 of flames, I saw the birth of something new. The sun was just starting to rise above the sea of moltan lava. There was effort as something was coming into being.

Today I see in the 4 of Flames a much more peacful and relaxing, yet still energetic scene. I see the sun has now risen above the sea of lava into a beautiful blue sky. It's reflection is upon the water of gold and deep orange. This picture is not choppy and sporatic. The colors flow like a gentle wave and the base is solid and strong. Even the frame of this scene shows the beautiful blue sky breaking through.

I feel the energy coming from the sea to feed and nourish me with energy to keep me going. Something was being born and now I am starting to realize what it is and how it will serve my higher purpose. Things will get easier now. The hard part is over. Time for reflection and to draw in energy from the universe. Celebrate that the hard part is over and now your creation is about to transform your life!