Margarete Petersen : Seven of Coins - growth and decay


Margarete Petersen : Seven of Coins

Description for Sieben der Münzen

A flower (a lily? a tiger-lily?) rises above an image-patchwork of old bones, archeological artefacts, cave paintings, dried paint, peeling wallpaper? -- reminds me of peeling back the layers of paint in an old apartment to reveal the wall treatments (and therefore an essense of the lives) of the previous inhabitants.

  • Translation
    Growth--Decay. Doing by NOT DOING. You can neither touch Time, nor eat, hear, see or hold onto Time. Time is powerful and noone can elude the Laws of the time's passage. Matter is inhabited and marked by time. This card tells the story of time. Pre-historic cave paintings. A skeleton, whose flesh has returned to earth. The lifetimes of plants, men, animals, bacteria are affected through separate, and yet interdependant time-frames. Through decay, growth is possible. Through growth, decay is necessary. The secret of beauty unfolds in the intangible, like a flower which opens and in its beauty already shows the Aura of Decay. Don't intervene, allow the growth processes to happen.

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My first thought was that indeed it looks (vaguely) like a fossilized Lilly or Crinoid?

Hey, FM, Are you picking the difficult ones? :D Another one (of relatively few) I find it quite hard to reconcile Waite's image of something growing and Crowley's "bad money" over the decaying foliage.

Hmmm - Again, Kudos to M.P. for growth and decay? ;)



This is bad money for Uncle Al??

I might be picking the hard ones... but I do it by shuffling the cards and picking one at random, eschewing majors for the moment.... (they seem so much more self-explanatory).

Aaah - here it is (Book of Thoth online)
Seven of Disks - Failure
The number Seven, Netzach, has its customary enfeebling effect, and this is made worse by the influence of Saturn in Taurus. The disks are arranged in the shape of the geomantic figure Rubeus, the most ugly and menacing of the Sixteen. (See Five of Cups.) The atmosphere of the card is that of Blight. On the background, which represents vegetation and cultivation, everything is spoiled. The four colours of Netzach appear, but they are blotched with angry indigo and reddish orange. The disks themselves are the leaden disks of Saturn. They suggest bad money.

Blight and spoilage! aha! So that's where she got it! How truly amazing to reconcile the two. :) I'm happy. :)


One minor I remember 'cos the GD system suggests an association with my birthdate - Might NOT be good news! :laugh: Also, somehow "Saturn in Taurus" suggests (naively) some reference to the archeological record?

There's a lot of discussion of astrological assignments around (for the majors). I do wonder sometimes which (Crowley) chicken came before which (Astrological) egg? Nevertheless some of these attributes seem at least interesting... and maybe even fortuitous? ;)


Interesting minors tho'. I was kinda wishing e.g. "Poppa" Haindl handn't superimposed those swords and cups on his cards... as an afterthought? :p


Macavity, thanks for posting the picture of the fossilised lilies. Interesting!! I never heard of flowers being fossilised. Seems like it would be rare conditions indeed which would allow fossilisation of something sooo ephemeral as a bloom.

That adds another dimension doesn't it. (Still life with fossilized flowers...hmmm)



just realized that I don't have this card in my new deck!!! Then I counted and only found 72 cards -- so 6 are missing! I have contacted the place I ordered them through (via aeclectic tarot's recommendation)... and hopefully I can get a replacement deck that is complete!

sorry. just had to vent. frustrating because the deck was not cheap, and I was really starting to dig it.