Margarete Petersen: Six of Cups


In the Sechs der Kelche I see bubbles and ocean waves crashing in the sun; neptune's horses of foam racing to the beach in all the colors of the rainbow beneath a gentle smiling moon; flowing, exhuberant energy.

  • translation:

    Waves -- Pleasure -- Harmony -- Love. Feelings from childhood. Security, being held, cared about and loved. Bring to mind everything which is bound with these feelings. Which role did proverbs play, and prayers? How do these work themselves in your subconscious mind? Choose the wholesome ones, the pleasant ones. With each wave take in the positive feelings from the moments which come to mind. Allow yourself to be carried away by waves. Trust, openness, caresses, sexual pleasure. Readiness to open oneself emotionally to others.

The cups are my favorite cards in the deck, I love the seascapes, and this is one of my favorite seascapes for the sense of exhuberance in movement. I love how she has woven together the themes of pleasure (Crowley) and memory (RWS). I don't know if you will see Neptunes horses in the foam... I was sort of looking for them, but I do see some horse-like shapes.

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Little Baron

The cleaning of a fishtank ...

Have you ever kept fish? Until recently, when our tank broke and we had a major flood, we did [it was a big tank]. I never cleaned out the tank [or did anything with it, to be honest, as my parents did that] but I remember that when you moved anything within it about [re-planted some weed or moved a stone], all of the crap from under the gravel at the bottom would resurface. It would swirl around the water and make it cloudy and dirty-looking. After a big disruption, you could not always see the fish, lol.

And this is what this card reminds me of, with relevance to the RWS interpretation, already mentioned. It is like shaking up all that is at the bottom. That which you might not remember. Bringing it all up to the surface. Bringing the past into the present. Or maybe letting it shape your near future.

And in this card, with the soft yellow golds and foamy whites, this seems to be a pleasant experience. Sparkly diamond-like splashes bring light to darkness - maybe running into an old friend or even just remembering them for a moment can cause your heart and soul to glow a little brighter than it usually might within a mundane day.

In the card, I see what looks like a shell, but I cannot place it's relevance here. For me, if it is special, it just adds to the uneathing of pleasant emotional memory and the shaking up of all that might have been burried in days, months and years past. The card might be suggesting that like the cleaning of a fishtank, you deal with that which has settled way below what can be seen in the present time.