Margarete Petersen Study -Ace of Cups - the Lotus


  • Clear, fresh water, the opening of the heart. The source of feelings. You are full of vitality, sudden inspirations in contact with your feelings. To share one's feelings. Pure love.

    An opening-up to a new encounter with one's self and other people.

    Natural springs in nature are considered holy places. There, water is especially pure and mineral rich.

    The Lotus as flower of light and of purity is the source of all being. Symbol of renewal and of the opening heart.

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How wonderfully apt is the replacement of the traditional holy grail image for this card with the Lotus Blossom. MP says "The Lotus as flower of light and of purity is the source of all being. Symbol of renewal and of the opening heart."

This on-line essay "The Lotus" by Amanda F. Rourke recalls MP's text:
Theosophy interprets [the Lotus]as alluding to the unfoldment of the inner divine potential, and two parallels between spiritual and physical planes and between cosmic creation and spiritual rebirth. Because its seed already has within it perfectly formed embryo leaves and whole plantlets -- even to the flowers -- this water lily symbolizes the recalling of the universe from the Eternal at the beginning of a great solar cycle.

Perfect icon then for the Ace, "because its seed already has within it perfectly formed embryo leaves and whole plantlets".

So much in this one little flower!! -- symbol of
- the source (fountain) of all life/creation
- the sun and light
- the opening, blooming, unfolding heart
- the "unfoldment of inner divine potential"
- the beginning of a great cycle.
- ressurrection
- love...

Major Tom

Ah well,

This is perfect for this time. ;)

Little Baron

Little Bubbles ........

This card seems deeper than I might expect to find it. On first glance, the water moves. It refreshes itself in soft white foam. Little bubbles rise to the surface. There is a hint of something darker beneath. And am I right in seeing the shadow of a fish right beneath the flower? A koi, maybe, with the bulk of it's body gliding past, in view.

And as the fish moves, so do we. This card projects a moment of emotion. When we smile. When we laugh. When tears rise within us, like the bubbles, and then fall from our eyes. All emotion is here, in it's lightest and darkest. It flows over us as quickly as the koi moving to the surface for a little air and then darting back into the depths. It is pure emotion, with no rhyme or reason. Plain and simple.

Emotion can open like this flower. And emotion can be beautiful, as it unfolds to the light of 'another person'. It is the opening of our hearts. The parting of our lips in a kiss. The taking of our hand from our pocket to share with another in a handshake or caress. When I have seen someone I have been fond of in the past, or I have met someone that I am attracted to, soon after, my heart opens like this flower. The opening is a response. It is the exercising of an emotional muscle. And like this flower, it feels alive as it floats gently on the water's surface. It bobs along with the current, disturbed by love, as the lotus is distutbed by the movement of the fish.

A truely beautiful 'Ace of Cups'.



Ace of Cups -- The Lotus

The opening of the Heart Chakra before the Universe, no fear, no anger, no attachment, Heart-Force outpoured freely : The Poem and The Image are One, two become One.


Beautiful and powerful card. I've not had this deck long, and hadn't studied this card before now. I see all that you've said and more. I associate the lotus with soul, spirit, center. It's gorgeous, yet fragile. Soft, yet full of life. Full of promise, and yet it will wilt and die.