Margarete Petersen Study -Daughter of Cups



  • My mother gave me serenity and devotion.
    My father gifted me with tears.
    My brother, compassion.

    Secure, resting in my shadow, I let myself drift, and reach my goal. The destination lies within me, and I will be taken there by NOT DOING. Wavy lines, signs and symbols send my brain-halves messages from the realm of contradictions. Through the pores of the soul's skin, I hear the water's soft, subtle chorus of pulsing rhythms. Music flows through the interweaving of my nerves and veins. I journey on the wave-patterns of my skin, and see myself through the eyes of others. I travel to the house of my fears and repressed feelings, guessing rightly that my sister, Freedom lives there. An old reality dissolves, collapses. Tiny little spirits, hidden in the folds of the diaphragm, lose themelves in dancing swarms in the wind. I feel that everything alive is flowing, carrying me to my creative source.

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