Margarete Petersen Study -Father of Coins



  • I feel a strong bond to the woman who bore me. A part of my being wanted to stay there. But the laws of evolution demanded other measures. My spirit tried to understand this unfulfilled longing. It tamed my desire, my longing, and my body; driven by the feeling of separation I curbed that which is called appetite, and instinct. From my deep wound and sadness, I forged mighty buildings, built cathedrals, and propelled myself to heaven. I care for and cultivate the land, build gardens, terrasses and work the fields, take care of food. I discover unknown continents, and mine for treasures in the earth. I hoard and share; when greed overrides me, I kill. When I forget my ancestry and my roots, I become violent. When I am conscious of belonging, I put my skills in service of society. The woman I call my partner, lifts the veil from my blindnesses.

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