Margarete Petersen Study -Son of Coins



  • My mother gave me security and the knowledge of growth processes.
    My father showed me how to give my power structure.
    My sister initiated me in the laws of metamorphosis.

    Sensing old imprints, I avoid the practice of meaningless circling.

    I have cast off my father's old suit of arms, to release the armor of my muscles from their stiffness by feeling inward. I abandoned my body along the path of learning Yoga. The stencil-like world of my imaginings lost their fixedness. New connection lines operate at my tailbone. Following the path of this power, I feel softness and gentleness. My boundaries shift. With respect and awareness, I open myself for new encounters.

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Now this chap has most definitely cut his apron strings.


MP uses the word "Prägungen" which I have translated as imprints. The image behind the German word is richer, however, it implies not just an imprint, or a stamp, but more specifically the imprint, stamp, embossing, used in minting a coin. This is significant because of MP's image, which shows the stamped image of an ancient coin.

edited to say: Hello there Diana! how nice to see you here! yes, he certainly has. LOL


firemaiden: On a more serious note - but staying on my original topic - he is sitting in front of the curtains, so he has come of Age. But he has inherited greatness - his ancestry towers above and behind him and it is that that keeps him Grounded. It is "imprinted" in him. He realises the honour that has been bestowed on him and he will respect his elders and the spirits that have gone before him.


My mistake: He is not sitting in front of the curtain. I wonder why not. Which card comes after the Son of Coins? I'd like to have a peep at it.


Hmmm. Which card comes after? MP's ordering of the cards gives the son last place in the family hierarchy: Mother, Father, Daughter, Son. er... so if we are working our way up, I mean, going from lowest to highest, then the next card is daughter, then father, then mother.

I haven't respected MP's matriarchal order in the TOC, but maybe it is time to move it around...

Are you sure he's not sitting in front of the curtain?