Margarete Petersen Study - Son of Flames - tribal drummer and story teller



  • My mother gave me warmth.
    My father showed me how to direct my heat.
    My sister awoke beauty and grace in me.

    My flame is called insight, because it comes from the golden sheen of my mother. I travel the pathway of the heart, of laughter and desire. Passion's suitor is my name, when my fire flows through the whole organism.

    I am the drummer and serve a power which reaches out to me. I tell the story of my clan, my tribe, my people, with my drum. The fire-tongues begin to speak when the drum rides me.

    With the space of distance, I am the catalyst. I drum feelings out of the viscerae and the belly, and make mankind shake, vibrate, temble, circle and dance. My speech is soft, simple, direct, and immediate.

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