Margarete Petersen Study -XVII - The Star



  • Everything is melted into an
    all-embracing landscape
    of white light.
    Sparkling, clear, radiating,
    transparent and mother-of-pearl-shimmering --
    In perpetual motion.
    The inner beauty, soul,
    is aware of her hand's every gesture--
    when she scoops the water from the source and the earth drinks.
    The path is blessed,
    healing, cool light on burning wounds.

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the light at the end of the tunnel.


That's beautiful, Kaz.

I like the mother-of-pearl image and the shell. I am not sure I understand it completely. But it ties together the ideas of stars, ocean, mother and milk -- the stars are the milky way, starlight turns the ocean to a sea of milk. The sparkling yet milky mother of pearl is born from the ocean, and reflects the stars. The shell, with its spiral structure, imitates the star nebula, that is the cloud of gas, at the center of which a star is incubated --

Compare this kind of shimmering pearly light to the dazzling diamond of the Devil.


Or... trying to say it a few more ways:

This image compares the starry sky to the ocean, and the shell to a nebula. The infinite ocean, and the infinite sky melt one into the other.

As the nebula- a cloud of gas incubating a foetus star --is a kind of mother, so too, is the shell a mother, giving "mother of pearl" as milk to its nascent pearl. Going further out, the Cosmos is mother to the nebula, as the ocean is mother to the shell. All things give birth to smaller things, the infinitely small and the infinitely large spiral into one another.

I liken this interflow of infinities to the Star Card's traditional twin water jugs.