Margarete Petersen Study -XVIII - The Moon


  • A silent creature tests the path from the Sea of the Unconscious
    to the mountains of knowledge.
    Moon goddess - you gently illuminate
    the disentangling - dissolving and liquifying-
    of illusory apparitions.
    guardian of the laws of causality
    step back.
    Other truths are stretched.
    Things which were seen as dangerous, repressed and made taboo
    may come up.
    The salt of tears are transformed
    into precious
    alchemical essence.

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I am interested that the moon reflects in the water (the sea of the unconsious) as the third eye of the blue gentlemen...

Beturbaned as he is, is this an Egyptian apparition -- Ra? What is the link between the Moon and the Third Eye?


Hmm, the pillars, perhaps, what we bind ourselves to by civilization? Looking out, but staying contained at the edges without stepping onto the path?

Most Moon cards show mist & forests, this one is bare as the lunar surface itself, very uninviting even with the roadway snaking through it, and the roadway itself almost looking like a slanted culvert, funneling one's path down the center so nobody climbs up over the edges to set foot into the wilds. (Course that could just be my view of the road, it might be flat, though it looks like it's in a V shape.)

The red of the wild landscape would indicate passion, yet the dog lays there sleeping just beyond the pillars. The wolf is more alive, on the 'other side of the tracks' in more ways than one.

One pillar is green (for growing things?) yet the face looks back, away from the wilderness, into the water. The other pillar is brown like dirt, yet the figure inside is tied up & not able to move. No growing there, just another form of being buried in the soil? Unable to get free no matter how close to the inside of the pillar sides she can get?