Margarete Petersen Study -XX - Renewal


This card is renamed Erneuerung = renewal, or regeneration ...


  • Perception of Mind changes
    from moment to moment.
    Serene, open and relaxed.
    The door to transcendence opens -
    a hair-fine crack in the dark narrow cage.
    Welcome unexpected things.
    Relax all muscles and organs.
    Every cell is purified with breath, and filled with sunlight.
    Gyrating spiral forms.
    Again and again, you meet yourself --
    you touch your own existence.

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Speaking of the "hair-fine crack" which is the "door to transcendance", MP uses the same word "Riß" - meaning "tear", or "crack" in the Fool card to describe, I think, the chasm that the Fool stands over. In that case, I translated it as "crevice".