Margarete Petersen : Three of Flames - birth of sound


margarete Petersen : Three of Flames -

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MP's text:

Three of Flames

The Fire of Creativity. A song which brings something from the Unknown world into the Known. Tones which come into being from the pulsing rhythms of your body. Breath made audible, allowing expression. Allow red light to flow through the throat, modulate loud and soft tones. Play with vowels and consonnants until reaching the OM the first sound (Urklang), the mother of all sounds. The atmosphere fills with tones. Something new is born.​

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i find it hard to discover what is on this card, thats probably coz i can only see them on screen, and the colors sort of blur as there is not much contrast.

in the middle i see a womans face, like she is screaming.
on the right, another face, but from the side.
the thing on the left, i havent got a clue what it is.

the description MP gives in the blurb firemaide posts above, i cant make much sense of it when i look at the card.
a 3 and the suit of fire, you get primal scream therapy? is that what the card is suggesting? or singing, then it would be your card firemaiden !


Hi Kaz! It's actually a woman squatting and giving birth, I think. It looks like a sort of clay figurine woman.

I think she is making an analogy between making sounds (meditative sounds -- like OM) and giving birth. This is one of the more obscure and far out texts. She makes references to processes of kundalini yoga I think. We need an expert opinion!


Giving birth to something new!

Intense colors of orange and yellow indicte lots of energy in this card. An ancient statue of a woman giving birth indicates that something that has been taking shape is about to be born. The sun is just rising above the horizon, indicating a new day is coming. I see a cave drawing of an animal with what reminds me of the power of the universe pouring into his being. It reminds me of when I am giving Reiki and the energy of the universe is coming through my crown chakra. It also reminds me to keep in contact with my higher self.

I love this card. It makes me excited about a new beginning! I look forward to this day and what it will bring about. Things having been gestating and being formed are now about to come to life. This may be a little painful, but the pain will be forgetten when you see the results of your hard labor. Stay in tune with your inner voice to know the steps to take. There is abundant life force from the Universe that is there for us to take as we need it. Help yourself to what you need.

Another profound card from MP.



Is it my imagination, or is there a swan in the lower right corner? The only other card which contains swans, I found, is the Mother of Feathers.

I look inward and outward. See new, freshly slipped-out and still damp thoughts -- Tender, transparent, arranging themselves into the feathers, plumage, and swaying of swans, singing through the air, breathing in the happiness of belonging together.

In a way that card is about giving birth, too. "See new, freshley slipped-out and still damp thoughts" That process of giving birth is far less raw, more analytical.

Anyone have any idea if this link is only coincidental?



Wow, I don't see the swan, but I do see striations in white that my eye could arrange into a swan, almost like scrying. I see many possible shapes going on there.

But swan or no swan, the link you have made to the Mother of Feathers is incredible. That's right - that "freshly slipped out" -is the image of giving birth - in that case to thoughts, in this case to sound.

Hm..... before they are born, perhaps thoughts, like sounds, originate from the same primal center.