Margarete Petersen - two of swords (feathers)


I pulled this card for my boyfriend when he was in the midst of a tough decision and full of anger... I had a great difficulty with the translation. I like the image - two feathers floating across a full moon, the pinks and blues of clouds at sunrise -- or sunset, an interesting play of pink sun light, and purplish, bluish shadows, reflecting both the Crowley interpretation of this card -- as peace, and the RWS as suspension between two states.

Here is my attempted translation with the help of Leo online German dictionary.
  • Bring the stream of thoughts to peace. Through meditation, become aware of the inner dialogue. Discover how the chains of thought stick together, and congeal into automated thought patterns, doubts, broodings. For a moment, silence the churning thoughts, and feel the power between a fading old thought and a newly forming thought.

Here is a link to a large scan of the card at La Palma Galerie.

I don't notice much inthe way of hidden figures in the swriling mists, but given a bit more coffee, I might see an impish-devilish figure sufacing from the lower left hand corner, much more visible when reversed!

I like very much that the globe (earth? or the moon) has two distinct poles: the bottom is rather intensely heavy and dark, with intense pink highlight, contrasting strongly in the churning murk of shadows of the lower left hand corner (where I see the little spook); whereas the north pole seems very light and free.

I'll see if I can magify the little spook for you, it will be hilarious.

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Can you see a head with two eyes, an ear, a nose, a neck, two arms...?


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Hey....its okay if you can't see it. It's probably better if you can't... LOL

If there are any German speakers out there, I would love it if you could see if you have anything to add (or subtract) from this translation.


The mental sphere was shaken and emotions roiled around. Now the darkness seems to be settling at the bottom of the sphere, which I see as a transparent globe. I am mentally poised between the poles, in the area demarked by the feathers. If I allow myself to brood on the negative, my thoughts will gain weight and sink into the darkness; if I get angry the darkeness will be stirred up and cloud my thinking; and if I immediately try to "cheer up"- rise to the top- it will feel false and I will sink back to this level. If I stay in the between zone I can clearly look at the source of both despair and joy in my psyche. I've the power to realize what is important to me and to focus my mental energy there; the peace comes from inaction until I can act in a manner consistent with my true goals. Once I can move purposefully, my emotions may float toward the pole of light.


What I see in the feathers is that the top one is nice and ordered, smooth, pure, while the second one underneath is all ruffled up, shorter, furrier. Could this stand in for a calm outer demeanor while the underfeelings are frazzled & frayed? that appearances are possibly deceiving? That the moon, standing for hidden things, indicates the second feather is more the true nature than the side presented by people to the world?

Just what struck me about the picture when I saw it. It sort of fits with the explanation.


HI Hudson Gray, Galadrial. Two very big thumbs up for sharing what you see. This is fun. What do you think about this card reversed? Do you think it changes its meaning at all? I am kind of torn, because I see the middle as being about balance -- if you upset the globe, there is still a balance... hmmm


Wow, upside down I see the moon & feathers immersed in water, the top feather is bleeding, blood drifting in the water. Blood on the moon? I think there's a saying like that-but can't remember where I heard it or if it's a book title or something.

It looks like the card is under water, in the depths of the ocean (but then I just saw Finding Nemo at the theater....). The bits of white look like glints off water. Oh, and that image on the bottom corner, that looks like a swimming seal now. There's a little 'blood' on the smooth feather too, but the drifting cloud of dark is behind it. Is that now a moon, or a land mine ready to go off? Metaphors...


Reversed, the feather on top reminds me of my chickens. If one falls ill, the others will peck it until it bleeds. It finds no rest, no time to preen, no peaceful spot in the sun to try to recuperate. I still see a globe, only now the darkness is oozing down. I am too battered and frazzled to find balance and seek inner peace. I may wish for inaction, but the pressures are relentless, and for now I will not find balance, peace or clarity. The smooth, light times are under me, in the past, and obcured vision is in the near future.

Little Baron

Eye-eye, Cherry-Pie ...

Everytime I see this card, I see an eye.

The bottom feather acts as a delicate eye-lid, closing over the darkened eye.

This feminine eye closes down.

Often, the 'Two of Swords' in traditional cards [RWS] closes down also, presenting some kind of barrier. For me, this card is like that. The shutters come down, causing a stale-mate or some kind of temporary truce. In that, there is some kind of barrier between two opinions or people. It suggests a time to stop hacking at each other and agree to disagree, possibly.

In this, I see avoidance of an issue. An unwillingness to accept something.

Once again, I think of a friend of mine. She is currently seeing a lover, even though she has a husband. I have told her what I think of this and I think she has temporarily closed down to opinions that conflict with her own and also blotted out how the situation might affect her small family and those close. This card showed up in her subconcious. I think she is trying to not dwell that deep in her thoughts right now.



Oh yes, an eye, that is gorgeous. An eye formed by a feather and the moon, an eye poised in half-open... not willing to shut, not willing to open. Hmmmm.