Mary El Tarot - Eight of Wands

Bat Chicken

The sleeping girl is held by the lion/angel. Her feet are held by the lion’s paw and her head by the hand of an angel. I am inclined to say this is an incarnation of the Archangel Michael. The solar and fiery lion is the strength she receives while she rests. The serpent is also in the creature’s hands in the form of a lemniscate. I am inclined to read this as another ‘as above, so below’ reference – as was once pointed out – a circle viewed from above and below at once. Do the feathers belong to the Phoenix?

The Eights are heavy on alchemical process. There is a lot of heat and transformation going on.



For me, this card has a strong Holy Guardian Angel (perfected divine self) vibe; in a protective and caring role at that.

Bat Chicken

In Kabbalah, Michael is Chesed or Loving Kindness. I like the like the connection to the perfected divine self as the guide.


Negatively, this card means about falling asleep and being cozy with being lazy and forgetting to become your true strong yourself... its like a person with many talents, who instead of crafting them wastes their time on PC - on facebook or playing video games...
The card can have positive message but has too many dangers of becoming lazy and passive and satisfied with less...