Mary El Tarot - Exercises

La Force

This is a great exercise to do to get to know your Mary El Tarot deck. give it a try.

JadoreHauteCouture said:
Take your Mary-el deck and take out 40 cards - numbers 1 to 10 from each suit. Lay all cards next to each other in order and meditate... Let the cards talk to you... The point of this exercise is to get to know the minor arcana cards. Dont focus on each card individually but study each row and column as well. See the connections, read cards from left to right like a story. Notice the links between the cards, see which rows and columns have human figures, animals, or landscapes in them and wonder why. Notice the colors and shapes. Imagine these cards are a book in foreign language and you have to fill in all the gaps to create the story.

example how the spread should look like:

See the evolution from Aces to 10s and back. I even once read that in Mary-el the minor arcana doesnt start at Ace but it starts at 6 and then goes to both Ace and Ten which represent 2 extremes.
You can stare at your cards for 5 minutes, an hour or just keep it around your house for a week and study it when you have the time... Its up to you.. Whichever suits you best. You can already start with this part now even though you dont have your partner assigned yet.
The point is not to get to know all the cards as individual substances in the reading but also to know their story, their connection, to know the bigger picture behind them during the reading. Simply said, to delve more into the whole Mary-el system and philosophy, not just studying each card on its own...

La Force

La Force's - Exercise

This is my personal method for getting to know any tarot deck. I have had great result with this method.

Hindsight exercise

As we all know hindsight is a wonderful powerful tool, we have all been their. we have all said " geez if only I had known, I would've done different"

so here is what you can do with the Mary El Tarot

Think of things, events, etc. in your past. Ask the Mary El Tarot ?'s about those things, events, etc.

Shuffle the deck, lay down as many cards as you feel comfortable with. now let the Mary El Tarot show you the story, see how the images correspond to your ? see how relevant they are. make notes, even make notes where the cards went wrong, or maybe you missed something.

La Force

La Force

Here is another good exercise you can do with each card.

The five "W" 's exercise (What, Where, When, Which, Why ) and well add ( How )

Pick on card from the deck, or shuffle the deck and draw one card.

now that you have your one card in front of you. You now ask WHAT questions?

What is the issue I am having?
What are my strengths?
What are my Weakness?
What can I do about ______?
What is my problem these days?
What is going on with how I am feeling?
What is up with ______?
What should I do about _____?

Just think about a bunch of what questions write them down, and see how you can answer them with that card.

Then do the same with Why questions

Why did ______ this happen?
Why is ______ not being very nice?
Why hasn't _______ calling me?
Why did I spill my coffee on my project?
Why does my dog keep barking?

and so forth

Then do the same with where?

Where did I go wrong in ________?
Where is my spiritual path leading me?
Where are my shoes?

and so forth

Then do the Which

Which decision would be the best for me?
Which option is best for me?
Which road should I take at this moment?

Then after you have done that, now let try the How questions

How can I make things better between me and _______?
How can I change _________?

and so forth.

La Force

The "I" and "You" exercise

This is a fun exercise in getting to know yourself and your deck.

With this exercise you can begin at the fool and do all 78 cards or you can draw just one card.

I found that I learned more about me by starting with the fool and doing all the cards.

take the fool card out, look at it write down as many key words as you can think.
Then take those keywords and entwine them into a story starting with " I "

IE: I am young at heart, leaving my home town and I beginning a long new journey in another city, I carry with me all the possessions I need to make this travel.

Then you switch it to "You"

You are young person at heart, you are leaving your home town and you're beginning a long new journey in another city, you will be taking only the possessions you will need in your travel.

another one:

I am starting a new job and I am very enthusiastic about it, I am hoping I don't make careless mistakes or act foolishly or childishly on the job.

you are acting foolish and childish it is make me go insane, can you please stop acting so young and start acting your age, cause this behavior is going nowhere fast.