Mary El Tarot - Nine of Disks

Bat Chicken

Wow…. This card is loaded. 3X3 – the three ram’s heads, the three pointed crown. The two pillars are here again in black and white. The light moon and dark moon at the end of each hand – Solve et Coagula. Mercury’s caduceus, the Wheel in the lower chakras, the angel’s wings… are all seated on the planet Earth. Is everything just coming together here? As above, so below – what we imagined has taken shape in our material world.


I find this card a little difficult to read as compared to the traditional meaning of being rich and comfortable.

Or, it could also mean that yes he is very happy here. The two pillars behind could suggest that he has passed the whole 'material gain' phase and now is discovering his inner self and trying to find peace and happiness there. He is very grounded and still has all the material riches, but is in search of the inner riches now. Or maybe he has already found it and is balanced and happy. lol :)

Feisty Kat

from this card I get the following:

Everything has come together just as it should.

Everything is in place, you know what you need to do now.

UZU--Feisty Kat aka Melia


I love this card, the nines in this deck are amazing. To me, the nines are about personal mastery of the suit and here they show they show beings as masters of the suit. This being is the master of the Disks--totally in control of its physical world. He (I'll call it a 'he' here just for language's sake, although I'd guess he is a hermaphrodite/intersex being as the being in the Ace is) has his large hoofed feet planted firmly on the Earth and he sits on it like a throne. The fire energy in his belly is incorporated all through his body via the caduceus. Interestingly, the caduceus can sometimes be a symbol of commerce, which would be appropriate for a Disks card.

He holds the ability to do and undo, to put together and take apart, Coagula and Solve. What is determined in the heavens he can manifest on Earth. His power helps balance the world of the physical with the world of the spiritual, and there is a strong sense of balance in this card.

As a side note, I'd love to see someone with Coagula and Solve tattooed on their arms. It's such a powerful statement!


"As a side note, I'd love to see someone with Coagula and Solve tattooed on their arms. It's such a powerful statement!

I have actually considered doing that already. it's one of the first things I took away from my Alchemic studies that really spoke to me.