Mary El Tarot - Page of Wands

Bat Chicken

I am finally beginning to understand the qabalistic references. This deck illustrates them so well, that you need not know that’s what they are to see them. This card is another powerful one. I have struggled with the idea of Courts as personalities and when the princesses or in this deck, the Pages, are described as the final “heh” of YHVH, it tends to make sense – the ‘inferior mother’. Virginal as Mary herself, this page bearing a flag similar to medieval paintings of Joan of Arc, bears the name “Mary El”. The Dove and the Rose are the saints Joan and Térese sisters of Mary in the Catholic teaching.

This fiery Page is surrounded in red and gold, the dove diving as if showing the descent of Spirit into the woman. This card reads “INSPIRATION” in the most literal sense. Earth of Fire.