Mary El Tarot - Queen of Disks

Bat Chicken

Roots and crystals, water of earth. Her tears are mineral, her head is the root of the life growing upon her. From her are the building blocks of matter, building, growing. There are roses in full bloom and a dry creek bed. She watches over her realm, making solid the light in her eyes.


Worm Mother!
You ate my sister
3 years ago.

All that is left
are my tears
and her diamonds.....


Salty tears of grief fall to the earth providing nourishment for new life. The imagery in the Queen of Disks makes me think of the 3 of Air from the Osho Zen deck. In that card, a character is frozen in ice, which has only melted around his face because of his flowing tears. It tells us that crying allows us let go of pain and begin to heal. Here in the Queen of Disks, crying is the lubricant that allows movement of souls on their journey to the underworld.

Bat Chicken said:
There are roses in full bloom and a dry creek bed.
Ah, ok. I was seeing it as a path and kept thinking about being 'led down the garden path'. I was trying to figure out what the deception was about. I much prefer the idea of it being a dry creek bed. The Queen (Hathor) with her tears fills the creek bed allowing it to flow again. It becomes a conduit for the journey. Without the Queen and her tears, nothing can move, nothing can grow.