Mary El Tarot - The Moon

Bat Chicken

The Mary El Sun and Moon cards have changed the way I look at the Sun and Moon cards in Tarot. Here, they seem to be two parts of a single image.

Visually, this card is magnificent. Indigo and silver… The teardrops at the end of the rays from the face’s eyes remind me of the traditional Moon card – about the only feature! I wonder if there is intent to the symbols on those rays?

The water is all around this card. Every aspect is touched by it. The face appears to be in terror, or possibly mad, lit by the soft silver light of the Unconscious.

Beside the face is the head of the vulture. A vulture can be considered the symbol of the Goddess and the Moon, Isis. This is the feminine counterpart to the solar masculine.

There is a Mesoamerican feel to the depiction of the Sun and Moon cards. More on that on the “Sun” thread….



The use of the vulture in this card had me stumped, as death and decay were the only words that sprang to mind for a while. But, apparently the vulture represents cleansing and purification--the connection seems obvious after reading it! :p And, given that the Moon is sort of a "dark night of the soul" card, then cleansing and purification make sense. The difficult work of dealing with inner demons can be cleansing and lead to renewal, if one is willing.


The blue waves would make me think that there is a lot of chaos going on here in the mind. But the vulture, in the form of a guide (our guide or spirit beings) are here to show us the way, by helping us look within ourselves. The white circle could be a kind of protection, helping you sort this inner darkness, which can be cleared only through inner peace. It's a matter of controlling the mind and thinking with the intuition and the subconscious mind.


How cool that in my first reading with either The Moon or The Sun, they turned up together, back to back as one disk. They also came in a reading that was ALL about balance, with the 7 of Cups facing off against the Emperor, and Temperance all making an appearance. Message maybe?

The Moon and The Sun are so connected, you can't talk about one without mentioning the other. When one is honored and respected, the other is reinforced. The Moon is water, night, cooling, inhalation (also known as inspiration), acquiescence. The Moon allows for rest, withdrawal, introspection, all of which will make the sun shine brighter and more energetic when it emerges.