Mary El Tarot - Three of Swords

Bat Chicken

There seems to be a struggle to keep the whole thing from coming apart. The dove is trying to hang on to the swords. The clouds are gathering – there even seems to be an ominous face in the clouds.

I cannot help but to relate this card to the tragedy of the martyr Joan of Arc – the dove and the sword. Even the hilts of the swords are reminiscent of the cross of Lorraine from the birthplace of Joan of Arc. It is said that when Joan was burned, a dove came out of her heart and flew away. St. Joan is called the “Dove” by Roman Catholics. The traditional theme of suffering and sorrow would fit with this archetype.



Mary-el Three of Swords

Striking down opponents in midair. Ready midflight to take action. Stormy weather.

Card meanings: Victory against opponents. A wily opponent. There may be predators lurking: be ready. You may be in for some challenges ahead but you have the common sense and the intelligence to succeed. Solving complex problems. Working without a safety net. Architecture. Design. Art. Creative endeavors. Travel by air. Business trip with unforeseen challenges. Personal trip with unforeseen challenges. A complex situation with more to it than meets the eye. Watch out for the brewing storm. Don't forget your umbrella!