Mary K. Greer's Yes/Maybe/No Spread


Just wanted to make note, that I found this same spread on a website by Mary Greer I believe and the spread was slightly different.. But it seems to come out the same.. It was more like

5...6....7....8 So you would read it up and down instead of side to side


This is an excellent spread, and a very good description of how to do it. Thank you ScarlettSapphire (and Mary K. Greer)!


Found this thread listed near the top of the page when I was looking for a Yes/No spread. Looks really interesting and am going to give it a shot.

Thanks much!


Thank you, Scarlettsapphire, it`s best yes/not spread, i love it!


Hi, everyone! I just tried this spread and found it to be very helpful! Which lead me to actually find the original posting on Ms. Greer's website where I found the following, which really helped me get even more out of the spread:

"• If the Wheel card has fallen in the first position, it indicates “Yes,” and the speedy and favorable solution of one’s problem.
• If in the second, “Soon,” position, it means: “You should not unduly press your interests.”
• If it lies in the “Delay” position, the indications are that some obstacles will have to be overcome.
• If it lies in the “No” position, it indicates adjustments have to be made and circumstances at the moment block the harmonious solution of the problem. Therefore, the wish cannot be fulfilled immediately. After changes have occurred this same wish could be answered in the affirmative."

"If your answer is either “Delay” or “No,” then look at all the cards in the layout (the reversal of a card has no significance):

• Many Pentacles indicate a financial hitch.
• Swords show opposition.
• Wands suggest journeys and changes.
• Many Cups indicate fortunate circumstances and ultimately a happy ending, especially if the Grail [Ace of Cups] is among them.
• Many Major Arcana indicate that the situation is out of your hands: destiny is at work.
• Many Court Cards indicate that the wishes of other people determine the outcome."

Hope this extra info helps others out, too. Have a great evening everyone!


Great spread

Hey, I only came upon this yesterday and tried it out. Hoping its correct :) really good spread though and thanks AllyBerry for the extra info.

Happy readings all :)


Yes. I use this spread a fair bit; I have a thread here at AT where I've used it for other people, too. I like it.
Because I'm accustomed to making my own spreads I tend to change the positions a little bit as needed to suit the question.


Thank you for bumping this thread. I added it to our Tarot Spreads Index. We didn´t have it there before (-unbelievably!)


Wow, I'm really impressed by this spread! I asked if my ex would come back, and the wheel landed in the yes, maybe category along with two of pentacles, which signifies that he's juggling things inside whether he would want to come back or not. It's interesting because the two of pentacles goes well with why he broke up.

I don't want to get my hopes too high though, so I'm still trying to move on. It's going surprisingly well. :)

Lastly, another quite funny thing is that eight of cups and three of swords landed in the "no" category!

Tarot dance

>>>Thank you for posting this

.....I am going to give a try this afternoon