Massive ammount off divination help needed


Morning, Afternoon or Evening where ever you maybe.

I've had a series off spirtual/unusual events occuring in readings and dreams and realtiy lately.
I was wondering if you could help me figure it all. I will do these in order and try and find links to the pages.

Here's the first link with a bit off back log;

Here is one tarot reading link with interpritations explained and a bit off the story

However not so long after scorpio interpritated the tarot reading with a Libra star sign an old friend showed up and started texting me (after a year ago, and i saw him in a van coincidently after work the other day) who is born on the 7th september so quite near the cusp of the libra or it's heading in that direction.

I did a I ching reading (basic one as im a learner) Interlinked with the Leo and the Aquarius;

Inbetween this time i've been having funny dreams and im not sure if there interlinked some how.So he were go;

Dream 1; I had a dream the world ended as we knew it and that it was full off sea more and we had to climb up high to get to land and i was told i shouldn't cling on to physcial thing's such as this planet.

Dream 2; I was out side with a friend and we watched some people get killed outside her house through her window and we became witnesess.

Dream 3; I saved My Leo from a building which was on fire (There was a fire reading in the I ching) and lots off glass shattering and I jumped on him to save him and we went back to normal the next day and carried on as normal and went dancing and we were holding hands after and looking round stalls that were there.

Dream 4; My Leo told me that he liked me and had feelings for me.

Please help sorry it's so much i wonder if any off it is all interlinked some how.