May Faery Seekers' Circle ~ sign-up thread


Hi all,

Sorry, I am posting this a bit later than usual. I'll give everyone until May 3rd to make up for it.

This Circle uses the Brian Froud decks: The Faeries' Oracle and the Heart of Faerie Oracle.

The proposed spread for the month is just that, a proposal. Feel free to discuss with your partner and use another spread.

Please keep your partner informed of how things are going, especially if you may be delayed. Good feedback is expected, part of the joy is really getting into the cards.

Please have your reading finished, as much as you can, by the 20th to give your partner a few days to consider and post feedback.

Proposed spread for the May round:

The Four Leaf Clover shared by Azarial:


1. Hope: What should give you hope at this time?
2. Faith: Where should you place your faith at?
3. Love: Where can you find love in your life?
4. Luck: Something upcoming that will prove to be lucky.
5. Advice from the faeries for the upcoming month.



After a wonderful "First Faerie Exchange" exchange with Onyx last month - and then adding the Heart of Faerie to my collection - I am in!


yay Mellaenn!! First to sign up. :)

xxx Alta


I am in! :D


Hi mdr and glad to see you back!

xx M


I'm in for got all topsy turvey for awhile but think it is settling down some. I have been reading with the Heart of Faery cards the last week or so and they continue to delight me!!


Glad you could join in this month Dragonfae. :)


I'm going to have to read a little more on what exactly this all entails, but I'd like to be in as well! :)


I'll play this month, please :)