Mayan Prophecy Calendar - what's your take?

Dancing Bear

I disagree with this comment. Smallpox, polio, etc are very good examples of where scientists have prevented Mother Nature from killing and maming hundreds of thousands of children. Hopefully scientists will "mess" with nature enough to find a cure for cancer someday soon.

all I have to say to this is " I am Legend "

sorry couldnt resist!!


The film "I am Legend" is based on a story where a cure for cancer is hailed as the most important discover in medical history only to turn into an infection which make people into zombies.


I know the movie, I just don't understand what Dancing Bear is trying to say. Should we not even try to cure diseases? Should we return to the days when polio, small pox, and the like took so many lives? The implication in the message is the Dancing Bear believes we shouldn't even try to cure cancer because we might end up with the results in the movie (or something similar). I'm just puzzled by the reference.


Did anyone catch the 'Chevy Mayan Calendar' commercial on during the Superbowl? Hilarious!


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I want that one, too! LOL!!!!! I want to put it at the top of my 2012 Christmas letter!