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Hey, I just really want to study Fey Tarot to depth and I am really unsure of my meanings.

I am going to post a few of my card meanings and would someone please tell me if they think I am going on the right track

Ace of Wands

Things are going to happen as they have been planned no matter what happens, no need to worry as the strong start have helped a lot

(what I dun get is why is the boy pointing to himself? and why are there so many rocks around him)

Two of Wands

A quiry, to do it or not? in this case the Fey should jump as there is no real danger in jumping, the water and ground are always there if anything happens. He is doing fine, just that others are doing better which makes the Fey want to jump as well

what I dun get are the 3 petal red flowers



The Ace of Wands is about new growth. It represents a time of birth and creative energy......
The Fey is somewhat in the fetel position, and a sprig of new growth erupts from the fey's back. Something of the creative energy that is with in each of us and that is bursting to get out, to take form and grow.

The Two of Wands- to me this is a card of uncertainty, a tad bit fearful. The Fey looks over the edge, she has wings, she knows she can fly, yet she is just not sure about something. Once that step is taken, the doors will open to endless possibilities.
I see the 3petals as really 3 little buds of 3 different flowers-
as the ace is about beginnings, then 2's are the next step-
the plant grows- the plant flowers.
This Fey is secure in her nest, but now is the time to take that next step- time for growth & something new.


More Meanings


I just thought I might as well go through ALL the cards with everyone 2 by 2 if u dun mind.

Three of Wands

It means that u have been working hard and now u should wait for what u deserve.
Thats all I can see, I wonder if I left anything out.
Maybe why the "fruits" grow on a star

Four of Wands

To make stuff suit u more by making it more "personal" do some funny stuff just anything to make the thing more "urs"

I think i am bit unsure about these two, if u dun mind, plz share ur ideas


ever hear the saying, "the fruits of one's labor?"
that is the 3 of wands. The Fey sits admiring the 'plant' that has grown. There is a shovel off to the side, indicating that the Fey worked on this 'plant'. The star fashion of the 'seed'- think of a plan or project, idea- that sort of thing. That is the starting point, it starts with a 'seed' the seed grows when given attention and work. The star shape connects to hopes & wishes.....the desire for the idea or project to shine! The Fey has put in much time and effort on this project and now Fey looks upon the results with pride in his accomplishments.
4 of Wands-
these Fey are having a party! special reason, they are just happy and feel like celebrations!......the tree is a symbol of strength and is also a home to many creatures. These Fey are small enough that the tree might be thier home. Together the Fey share in the happiness.....taking time to decorate 'properly'.... There is a Fey looking off into the distance, perhaps looking to see when the party-goers will arrive- "the more; the merrier!"


Hiya, I wasn't sure abouut the two of wands myself when I first encountered it but if you compare it with the RWS where you have this person who wants the world (or wants to take on the world) and you have to ask ok... what's stoppin' ya? As Luna mentioned the fey here has wings so the fears and obstacles she has are probably not entirely in the realm of the rational.

The 3 of wands I especially liked. Everyone can wish on a star but this fey has taken the next step, the star has been planted, the idea has been given life. A person might have a brilliant idea for a short story in their head (2 of wands) but until the actually put something on paper (3 of wands) they are never going anywhere with their goals. The three branches/flowers probably represent the 3 wands but I also see them as ways that your project can take on new paths you have not forseen. The short story you were working on might develop and suddenly you realize you have a trilogy in you. Or you might realize that someone ahs written the exact same story and you are going to have to go back and make some new decisions. When you've given a project or idea life it is it's own being and you can't control all of the aspeccts of its development. In the rws this was articulated by putting the ships' financier on a cliff where s/he has to watch and hope that the voyage goes as planned.


Anybody home?

I dunno if anyone still reads this board, but I am feeling optimistic. How would you see the negative or ill-dignified in these four cards discussed so far?


I really like the Fey -- and find new meanings all the time. Things that I missed, or they hid from me, the first go 'round. ;)

I do not tend to use reversals in readings. Sometimes they just 'go that way' and I take it as special meaning, or to look at the situation in a different light. Or someone has a hidden motive. Or there is something in the card or meaning that I need to look at more closely.

So - for me, I see negatives only in relation between the card that turns up and the question it pertains to. Maybe not negative - but warnings. Tendencies. Problem areas. Hidden thoughts or ambitions. Something I'm not aware of.

Does that make sense?

However - that being said, I think the opposite of 'good wands' would be over indulgence in a project, too much energy, losing sight of the goal for the fun of the creating, being obsessed. Something along that line.



Yeah, I don't use reversals either, but sometimes I get a really happy card like the 4 or Ace in warning or caution positions. With this deck, I am concentrating on just the images themselves to interpret their meanings (rather than bring unrelated info like RWS, astrology, etc) and I just don't see the message. Unless the four could be celebrating too soon, the Ace as uncontrolled growth?


a happy card in a perilous position - unhappy position - what does it mean.

4 of ... wands, celebrating too soon? Could be. Or, a pipe dream. Not looking closely enough at the situation at hand. Not consulting with the others in the situation. Projecting personal desires and not seeing the group effort for what it is. 4 of coins/pentacles ... not being wise and well-grounded with money (mundane issues) but being possesive. A miser. Turning your back on society. Going outside the accepted policies. Being chained to the eternal wheel. 4 of Chalices - not looking at the situation as it really is. Daydreaming. Not acting.

Ace negative - I'm a RWS and oracle person. Aces are "supposed to be" !! the essence of that suit being given to you by Spirit. So .. a negative essence ... uncontrolled or misunderstood growth would work. Being hit over the head with it. That could be seen as a sort of negative - not enough time/energy to properly integrate it.

I'm seeing that the above is more in general and not just the Fey. I hope it made sense.



Fey Reversals

Many times I make the decision not use reversed cards when using the Fey Tarot for a reading. This is due to the very nature of the Fey concepts that are so clearly shown in the cards. The 3 of Wands is an example; the Fey takes a positive step other than just hoping or thinking about something better.

However, when I do use reversals, I'll often fall back on the famous "5 Ds". These are Diminution, Delay, Denial, Dark Side, Direction -- if the card, the card's position (meaning) in the spread, and the adjacent cards don't seem to tell me the appropriate meanings. Dave