Good evening all!
I am new to the reading of tarot cards and I am very interested in learning. My question is this: Where do I find the meanings of each card? One of the reasons I ask this, is because recently, I received three cards through the mail. The Chariot - 10, The Hermit - 14 and The Emperor - 09.
I would be grateful for any help given and perhaps the meaning of the cards sent.
Thank you...... dee


Oh, NO! Not those cards that mysteriously come to you from a "World Famous" Psychic that no one has ever heard of? I wouldn't worry too much- they were also sent to who knows how many thousand people, too.


I really don't think it matters if the cards came as part of a mass mailing. Synchronicity would provide that the seemingly random choice of those particular cards wasn't really random at all, but in fact was guided by the collective unconscious. Even if thousands of people got the same 3 card combination, there is still a message in the cards as they appear. There is a reason that you got on that particular mailing (and you're wise to seek your own answers rather than fall for their marketing ploy!)

Chariot, Hermit and Emperor make an interesting combination, that's for sure. I can see one connection pretty clearly. All three cards often deal with issues of control in one form or another. The Chariot talks of total triumph over a difficult situation... an ability to control many aspects all at once. The Hermit talks about self-control and a "slow and steady" searching for the truth. And the Emperor controls through a very structured heirarchy and a strong sense of propriety.

Are you seeking more control or independence in your life? Or is someone else pulling all the strings and making you feel trapped or frustrated? Or is life totally out of control for you and you are struggling to get it pulled back together?

If so, the cards are giving you some advice for getting that control back.

I would say to start with the Hermit; get to know your situation and your options first through introspection and patience. Then begin to lay the structure necessary to build and maintain your own empire. If you follow this path well, then the ability of the Chariot to be able to exert full control may well be within your grasp.

Just an idea....


MysDEEeyed: How neat to get Tarot cards in the mail! I received one a long time ago, & while I do not recall the card now at the time it had significance for me, as Mojo points out.
Mojo: Very well expressed & I like your masterful interpretation of the cards!


Sorry - I got the same cards in the mail not once- but twice! If you knew what order they were to be read in, they might be of some service to you.
An acquaintance got some that way, so I had her shuffle them and read them in the order she spread them in.


I can't tell you what receiving those cards meant to me. Whether theywere
a mass mailing or not, I've always believed in fate and reasons.
What was sent to me and the meaning in them more or less, hit the nailright
on the head.
I am a recently divorced mother of 4. Leaving a marriage where my
ex-husband pulled all the strings. I've been fighting myself tryingto get
my life back in order and with some kind of control. I've always feltthat
the truth of life was out there somewhere for me to take hold of andthat's
exactly what I want to do. I know it's going to be a long road and onethat
I must take slowly, but I will prevail and succeed.
So, with that, I thank you.



hi. i am inquiring about 3 cards that i received in the mail. i am new to the tarot, so i am not sure how to read the cards. i donot know what deck they are from. they are- 1- the Knight of Cups with the number 5 after it. 2-justice with the number 7 after it. 3-four of swords wth the number 12 after it. I shuffled the cards this morning and the order they came up in was, justice, four of swords, knight of cups. I was just wondering if anyone could help me with their meanings.