Medicine Cards: Cherokee Truths


Seven Simple Truths from the Cherokee

1. We are our own best experts. No one knows us better
than us. Nobody but us has seen with our eyes the
things we've seen, and most importantly, no one but us
has experienced our lives in quite the same way that
we have. What others do know of us, they know only
through what they see and what we tell them. It is our
choice whether or not to invite others to see with our
eyes or walk in our shoes; it is their choice whether
or not to do so.

2. We are our own worst enemies. No one does a better
job of deceiving us or treating ourselves badly than
we do. No one can do a better job of finding ways to
ignore our innermost thoughts and fears than we can.
Certainly, other people may try to make us feel badly,
or want us to be different than we are; however, their
success depends on our willingness to let them succeed
in doing so. Our success in doing ourselves wrong
depends solely on intention.

3. The worst thing about having so many choices is
having to choose. No one can say for sure who is truly
worse off: the one who is forced to do something and
wishes she or he could do something entirely
different, or the one who freely chooses to do
something and later regrets it.

4. Imagination is the one true measure of freedom.
It's not a matter of what you can or cannot do, but
what you think you can or cannot do that matters.
Inevitably, the rest will follow in time. Being open
to experience or the possibilities of every situation
reflects the inner strength of one who has established
harmony within oneself.

5. Wisdom is having more questions than answers. The
one who has found all the answers to his or her
questions has run out of questions. The one who has
run out of questions has run out of learning. A person
who ceases to learn has also ceased to experience. And
a person who has run out of experience cannot be wise.

6. Search long and hard enough for something and
you'll surely find it. Sometimes we look for something
when there is nothing. However, if we keep looking for
it to be there, almost miraculously it will be--this
is especially true of limitations. Moreover, the
harder we look for a certain quality of limitation,
the more likely it is to appear before our very eyes.
At the same time, if you look too hard for something
you might miss it altogether.

7. Sometimes we try so hard to be what we're not that
we may forget who we are. Our nature provides us with
opportunities for becoming something much greater than
ourselves. However, if a circle tries to bend by
ignoring its center, it's no longer a circle.



That was a beautiful post.

From the book that comes with Medicine Cards:- ".....The medicine referred to in this book is anything that improves one's connection to the Great Mystery and to all life."

In my mind, Medicine is the gift we give ourselves.



Fulgour, I like your 7 simple truths. Are you talking about the Medicine cards by Jamie Sams? It's been awhile since I looked at them so I don't recall that from the book.


I liked your Cherokee post too. There is a certain madness about having too many choices which seems to be a problem in this techno-age. Being strong within and being able withstand the storms from outside and from inside is a challenge.

I also like what it says about imagination.

The Jamie Sams Medicine Cards are ones I have used for many years. The cards are so threadbare and gives them lots of character. I don't know if this is the deck you are referring to. It really doesn't matter.

Call on the wisdom of your totem animals to guide you. Today I call on the medicine of the....Raven! Magic. What a nice surprise.
Raven means you are about to experience a change in conciousness. And some healing is going to happen. The card means " don' try to figure it out; it is the power of the unknown at work and something special is about to happen. This magic moment came from the void of darkness and teh challenge is to bring it to light. In doing so you will have honored the magician within."



purplelady said:
Fulgour, I like your 7 simple truths. Are you talking about the Medicine cards by Jamie Sams? It's been awhile since I looked at them so I don't recall that from the book.
The artist who created the cards is Angela Werneke, and while the companion book is helpful, the images on the cards is what really conveys their true meanings. I have a friend in town who celebrates her Choctaw heritage, and we often discuss the "Medicine" Cards, or as we call them, Animal Companions. She shared the 7 truths with me, and I'm happy to see them posted here, passed along in the spirit of their intention.


Angela Werneke is one of my heroes, too.
The 7 Truths work well with her cards.


Thank you for this thread.
Takes the edge off of a crazy day!


Also to say thanks for posting this, Fulgour

Perfect reading to close an introspective morning!