Meditation Buddies?


I was doing a daily meditation and got away from it. I am going to start it again, because there are only benefits to this. It's just til I get into the habit of doing it daily, which doesn't take long. But it helps to help reminders until I get used to doing it daily again, so.....anyone else here who has thought about getting back into the practice or starting it?
I would love a meditation buddy or buddies, even if just for a few days. I am starting tomorrow. Marked my calendar! So whether you want to try it once for five minutes or get back into practice yourself, I hope you will join tomorrow, whatever time works for you, for however long you want to do it and whatever way you meditate. Hey, who couldn't use a few minutes for themselves, right? :) I will post after I meditate, if anyone wishes to, please do. It will be like a meditation sangha!


I would be up for this. I used to do this every morning. So I think it's a good time to take it back up! I'll start tomorrow a.m.


YAY I have a meditation buddy!

Thank you Glitterbird. I will be using my new meditation chime :) to start and end my practice.


Me too!

I do set aside 20 minutes already every morning to meditate on my prayers. But I keep telling myself that I'm also going to set aside later in the morning to concentrate on just a quiet meditation. And yet, I rarely get to do it. By afternoon I give in as this is when I get really busy with phone calls, visitors and what not and also knowing I have to get such and such done before the end of the day. So, I often miss my second meditation all togehter. I'll join in and do my best to get into it EACH DAY for at least 5-10 minutes.


I would love to join in too but will start with 5 - 10 minutes :)


oh thank you meditation buddies!

It's for ever long you wish it to be, whenever and however. Just your own time to relax. I will post each day I meditate. I will the evening before bed, so will either post tonight or in the morning.


I did my 15 minutes, so I've now officially started. Once it becomes habit to remember to do it every day, I really feel better for it. It's just that getting started part and thanks to my meditation buddies, I'm on my way!


I could use a buddy, can I join in?


oh please do YDM42!

the more, the merrier and we're all just here to support and encourage anyone interested in taking a little time out of their day for meditation. Just a suggestion, but hope everyone who even manages to meditate for five mins a day posts. It's encouraging to everyone else I think :). It's harder for me to just think, oh I'll skip it when I know I said I would post :)


What a lovely idea! I leave in the morning for Arizona, where I'll be living for over two months. Internet access will not always be available, but I will try to meditate daily. Instead of traditional meditation, I will be journeying with my animal guides. This is a practice that I've gotten out of the habit of doing, and I really need it back in my life. As always, GreatDane, this is a fabulous idea, and I consider it serendipitous that you've brought it up just prior to this major journey of mine.

Thank you, and I wish one and all a wonderful experience.