Meditation check-in?


7:10 to 7:30 pm. Simple meditation focussing on breathing and simple repeating phrase. Prayers offered at the end.

On a side note, I'm glad I've started the daily meditation again - I've felt lighter, more peaceful than I have for months. I can also feel that my connection to spirit is becoming stronger again.


Sat back, relaxed, closed eyes . . . . zzzzz


Happens sometimes. (shrug)


Thanks! Some useful mantra sheets on her website too... good resource.


Thu 5th July: AM meditation same as yesterday. One mala each 'om shanti om' and 'om vajrasattwa hum'. 15 minutes.


30 minutes of mindful meditation, it's easy after a 15 mile cycle ride ;) mind was really active this morning, took a long time to settle down. Thinking of doing a 24 hour retreat at our Buddhism center this weekend. every 4 hours we do an hour meditation ( I believe it is a mix of mantras and mindful meditations for all 24 hours) with teachings in between. I will have to think about this.


Yesterday I went to my meditation class - a solid 30 minutes of deep meditation - bliss! :)

This evening, back to my normal routine. This time, 15 minutes of silence and breath work. Inspiration and insight came forward regarding ancestors and the link with the living.


Fri 6th Jul -- Quick session, about 10 minutes. Used meditation timer and chanted:

Om asat oma sat gamaya
Tamas oma jyotir gamaya
Mrityorma amritam gamaya

Which means:

Om, From the not-true to the true, lead us
From the darkness to the light, lead us
From death to eternal life, lead us

Hear it:


Not so much meditation but contemplation on gratitude. :D 30 mins this evening.


Oh, this is a lovely thread. :) Between this and the exercise thread, y'all will keep me on track. :D